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Friday, August 5, 2022

Programming Alert: Fatmagul Swept Off eVOD's Kuiertyd Section

eVOD has been making adjustments to their offering for several months now which is common for most beginners as the platform expands its offering and consumer base with the likes of Microblast TV, 360 Sport and the existing content packaged onto their eMedia's stations.

Fatmagul, one of eMedia's very few English dubbed shows on top of being the first and loved show by audiences of the brand. As seen in those past months, the popular Turkish series was slotted with other dramas in the Afrikaans section of eVOD despite not being Afrikaans itself.

It led to a lot of speculation on what would become of non Afrikaans dubbed Turkish shows but taking these recent adjustments to account it's safe to say where it's fate might like should eMedia opt to rectify that mistake.

At launch, eMedia had a slot for their Korean and Bollywood offering some of which have been viewed on eExtra and with these adjustments the slot had expanded to International Dramas where you get more out of the usual two like Johnny Vs. Amber, Madiba and Tainted Love Leke.

Fatmagul would fit perfectly in that section as opposed to Afrikaans section which carries a lot of limitations but I'm not judging its presence there but most who do browse that section would expect 100% Afrikaans when you can't expect the same from Mzansi Magic.

Instead of redirecting shows (as eMedia will never advertise changes) rather just keep Fatmagul where its currently seen and duplicate it onto sections of the platform and see how far it gets from there.

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