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Friday, August 5, 2022

New Series Alert: Giving Up My Life Coming Soon To TLNovelas Africa

TLNovelas, Africa's only Mexican entertainment channel available in both Portuguese and English will be introducing a new family drama based on the 2016 Chilean telenovela of the same name titled Giving Up My Life (Te Doy La Vida) which months weeks after the announcement of Head Over Heels (De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero).

Nicolás is a six-year-old boy suffering from leukemia and to recover he needs a bone marrow transplant. In such a situation, the adoptive parents of the child, Elena and Ernesto will take on the task of searching for the biological father. Thus, they arrive at the mechanical workshop where Pedro works to expose the situation, at which point the young man learns that he had a son from a relationship years ago.

José Ron stars as Pedro Garrido, the biological father of Nicolás portrayed by Leonardo Herrera. Joining the trio in the latest escapades are Nicolás' adoptive parents Elena Villaseñor and Ernesto Rioja portrayed by Eva Cedeño and Jorge Salinas respectively.

Prior to Giving Up My Life's debut in TLNovelas, the family drama was beemed in parts of East Africa in 2021 on the newly launched Swahili telenovela channel Maisha Moto now the series renters the region but to English and Portuguese speaking audiences.

Giving Up My Life is expected to rollout on TLNovelas by October likely in place of Keeping My Family Together as Eva Cedeño is the lead star in both series and as seen with most telenovela channels like Telemundo a show is usually bound either by the theme or the fruits to its labour which is none other than Eva Cedeño.

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