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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Rumour: Openview Might Come With Monthly Fees By 2023

Yesterday, eMedia Investments unveiled plans to launch an affordable pay-tv service within the market by 2023 following the success of eVOD which has managed to get half a million registered users as the brand invests in more original content.

Now the idea of eMedia launching a pay-tv service was in talks even before Openview existed as the brand had obtained a licence which was ultimately used in the launch of e.Sat's eNCA news channel on the DStv platform as eMedia felt the market was big enough for 2 pay-tv services.

But following the sudden exit of their 4 channels on the DStv platform at the time which saw them lose out on revenue and the pressure from online streamers like Netflix and Disney+, eMedia is looking at all possible routes of income.

As outlined earlier, eMedia hasn't shared much details about the pay-tv service such as the supposed name, content or channels that would be bulked on this supposed platform but what if the answer to all that was stirring at viewers in the face.

Openview has been in the market for close to 10 years offering a variety of content for kids, adults and families also taking to account that they're on the verge of gaining 3 million subscribers as the platform hasn't seen much resistance in their growth making it easier to bank.

Openview+, Openview Premium, Openview Pro or Openview Extra would be the likely brand name.

MultiChoice supplies both DStv and GOtv and long story short one has seen more success over the other and we all know that a certain someone wants to consider both outlets as seperate businesses and that doesn't have to be the case with eMedia's pay-tv efforts.

As seen across the world, pay-tv has taken a toll with the rise in streaming alternatives making it close to impossible to just create an alternative to DStv that doesn't need internet which is where Openview comes in.

For several years, some consumers proposed to eMedia on adding monthly fees to the Openview platform as there's been several unsatisfied consumers with what's currently offered on the free-to-view platform. The pay-tv option rectifies most of those flaws seen on Openview.

If I had to stack a list of potential features or products of this pay service one of which would include an expanded TV Guide, more telenovelas outside the usual Istanbul or Bollywood, international music, sports and premium news channels.

Honestly, not everyone can pay for these many services it's the reason most preferred Hulu on Disney+ instead of having both function seperately. As seen in the United States, Disney+ lacks one thing and Hulu can give you that and a whole lot more which doesn't have to be the case with eMedia as both could work hand in hand.

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