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Monday, 11 January 2021

Laws Of The Heart Coming Soon To Telemundo Africa

Telemundo Africa will be introducing it's first new telenovela of 2021. This time it comes from none other than Colombia's RCN Television. The name of this telenovela is called Laws Of The Heart.

Laws Of The Heart (La Ley Del Corazon)The series takes place in a successful law firm specialized in family law, dedicated to cases ofp separation and in general to family conflicts and couple Pablo Domínguez, a partner lawyer at the firm Cabal-Ortega-Domínguez and associates, is going through a difficult situation in his life when separating from his wife Jimena. Suddenly, the lawyer meets his colleague Julia Escallón, who is about to marry Camilo Borrero, but the fate will give an unexpected turn in the life of the woman on the day of their marriage and by things of the Life, will end up very close to Pablo and facing him the courts.

The series creator Mónica Agudelo Tenorio passed away and this 2 season telenovela is dedicated to her.

Since the show's inception, they've been several adaptations of the series including Televisa's Por Amar Sin Ley and ABC's Big Law. They also managed to accumulate 11 awards alongside 21 nominations.

Catch the first season weeknights at 21:00 CAT/20:00 WAT/22:00 CAT from 15 February which comes around the time as Close Enemies Season 2 debuts.

Telemundo is available on DStv and GOtv

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