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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Doodsondes Season 3 Coming In March On e.tv

For those without eExtra, you might have been watching it weekdays at 10:30 on e.tv in order to catch-up which seems kind of odd as most of the population aren't home at that time so Doodsondes (Yasak Elma) is joining Bittersoet (Kara Sevda) in you snooze you lose scenario.

If you don't want to fall behind make sure you get OpenView if you want to watch it freely or get DStv and Starsat to pay for it alongside other channels.

Here's a brief summary of season 3:

A long time passed after the disappearance of Ender and the Arguns' life has completely changed. Sahika took over the management of the house and established a fear empire. She took Yigit to her side and now, she's trying to conquer everything. The only thing she didn't consider is that Yildiz, who disappeared on the night of Ender's disappearance, will suddenly return. Besides, Yildiz will not come alone.

Catch season 3 weekdays at 17:30 on e.tv and 4 hours later on eExtra from Monday, 15 March replacing Deur Dik En Dun

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