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Friday, 25 December 2020

e.tv Acquired Broadcasting Rights To Erkenci Kus

Thought of sharing the news with Turkish fans later in 2021 but since there's a lot of fans here I decided to share the news early.

e.tv bagged another Turkish show which will also be dubbed in Afrikaans called Erkenci Kus. The fact I said e.tv doesn't imply it will air there chances are it will air exclusively on eExtra so when a Turkish show is announced beforehand I'll use e.tv as the liable source kind of like how Nickelodeon use their name when signing show off to Nicktoons.

This telenovela will be available later in 2021 on eExtra as part of their successful block, Kuiertyd. It will be available in the middle of the following year so I might give out a date when it's available and the title so for now here's the plot:

Sanem is a young woman who aspires to become a writer and live in the Galápagos Islands. She helps out at her father's grocery store but is forced by her parents to choose between an arranged marriage with her neighbor Muzaffer and finding a suitable job. Sanem will find a job at Fikri Harika, one of Turkey's leading advertising agencies where Leyla, her older sister, is an executive assistant. Aziz, the owner of the advertising agency has two sons, Emre and Can. Emre wants to take over the business, but his father considers Can better suited for the job and appoints him manager of the agency. Can has what his father wants for the company, but Can prefers taking photos in remote parts of the world. Can eventually agrees to run the company when he learns of his father's health problems. Aziz also tells Can to find the spy in the company that is helping their competitor Aylin. Emre doesn't like the idea of his brother being the manager and believes that he deserves that position and plans to make him fail. At the party for the 40th anniversary of the company at an opera, Sanem enters into the dark backstage and bumps into Can. Can, thinking that she was his girlfriend Polen, kisses her. After leaving, Sanem realizes that she is in love with the stranger that kissed her, giving him the codename Albatros. Soon, Can falls in love with Sanem, and discovers that he kissed her on that day in the opera, and thus began this inevitable story of love.

Just to let you there's more Turkish shows coming and I'll mention them later in 2021.

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