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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Perhaps A Shift In Programming Is What eToonz Needs To Dominate The Market

eMedia Investments set of channels have been dominating South Africa since their arrival on MultiChoice's DStv with a few exceptions such as Rewind. Then you have those that go unnoticed like eToonz.

eToonz, eMedia Investment's only kids channel has been around for seven years during that time the channel became home to past e.tv programs such as Cool Catz (R.I.P.) and Pokemon while presenting it's unique lineup.

This channel is more about quantity even after the changes made to the brand over the years you have some great shows like Dinotrux, Thomas and Friends, and Hanazuki: Full Of Treasures then there's shows that make you want to change the channel like Ronaldo Locomotive, Bo On The Go and Spirit Riding Free.

One things for certain these type of shows will remain part of their package what they could do is add some more live-action series perhaps even get some factual and educational shows such as Top Chef Jr, Little Big Shots, Cyberchase, Xploration DIY SCI, Knight Squad and Mech X4.

Perhaps these shows could give e.tv and eToonz some recognition and not let them feel like a pushover. eMedia Investments is dominating in every other genre except kids entertainment. This could be what's missing from the lineup but then again the animation is not as bad as it used to be at some point.

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