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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Mi Corazon Insiste En Lola Volcan Makes Its Comeback On The New Year On Another Station

The series graced Africa's screens when Telemundo made its successful debut in the market back in 2013 alongside Aurora, Behind Closed Doors, Precious Rose and the late bloomer The Del Monte Dynasty.

The love Lola and Andres have for one another knows no boundaries. Hopeful with the idea of loving each other for eternity, they decide to elope to Las Vegas, confronting Andres’ family, who has always opposed their relationship. Little did they know that their decisions would bring about the greatest misfortune of their lives. Lola, in an act of rebellion against her aunt Chabela and her mother Soledad, who also oppose their love, escapes one night and gets a salamander tattooed on her back. The tattoo is a symbol of her love for Andres, who has called her “my salamander” since they met. Marcelo Santacruz, Andres’ father, puts him back in the military school from which he escaped, making sure that this time Andres is watched extra closely. As if this was not enough, Marcelo also schemes to lock Lola in jail – where she will remain for more than five years.

During this time of imprisonment, Lola will learn to survive through her spiritual strength, a strength she learned since childhood from her aunt Chabela. She will keep her hope to reunite with Andres alive, not knowing that destiny has other plans for her.

Once out of jail, Lola will confront a series of misfortunes that will change her whole existence. Her aunt Chabela dies and her mother suffers with severe depression and needs to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Andres, her only remaining life support, is about to marry Debora, his eternal admirer, who hates Lola since they were little girls. Desperate, feeling deceived and without means, Lola decides to accept a marriage proposal from a family acquaintance who acts as her protector. Andres will insist on winning Lola over once again, but it will seem that this couple will never be able to make it so their paths unite… nor fully separate. Out of spite, Lola rejects Andres and marries four times, although none of her husbands will be suitable or lasting, since all will die unexpectedly, not long after saying “I do.”

Lola considers Andres her best friend, her first love, and the only man she’s given everything to, but her pride and determination to not depend on others push her to fight against what her heart really wants, causing this love to appear nearly impossible.

Follow the journey of My Heart Beats For Lola weekdays at 23:00 from Monday 11 January on eExtra

Yes, it will return to Telemundo Africa

eExtra is available on OpenView, DStv and Starsat

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