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Saturday, 19 December 2020

As Die Skoen Pas Coming Soon To eExtra

To start off the new year, the channel will be introducing another Afrikaans dubbed Turkish drama as part of the Kuiertyd block on eExtra called As Die Skoen Pas.

As Die Skoen Pas (Kiralık Aşk), when Defne's brother gets into debt and is held captive, Defne is forced to accept an offer in exchange for the money. She has to make omer, a wealthy shoe designer who owns a company, fall in love with her and marry her. Barış Arduç and Elçin Sangu take up the lead roles.

Since the series debut back in 2015, it managed to rollout in 14 other countries with 2 additional countries including South Africa only getting them in 2021.

Catch it weekdays at 19:30 from Monday 18 January. Yes, I'm aware a rerun of Deur Dik En Dun occupied that timeslot. So what will happen is the repeat will air after Begeertes which comes at a time the show changes its storyline.

As Die Skoen Pas joins other Afrikaans dubbed Turkish dramas currently seen on eExtra such as Deur Dik En Dun, Elif and Begeertes.

There's also another romcom coming later in the year....

eExtra is available on OpenView, DStv and Starsat

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