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Thursday, 3 December 2020

Unlike The U.S. Counterpart, Paramount Network Still Continues To Rollout In Another Region + It Might Launch In Africa

Hungary became the latest victim in ViacomCBS revamp portfolio. Under these changes the male skewed channel, RTL Spike will convert into the teen based channel TeenNick with The Paramount Channel which was used for movies taking the best of RTL Spike and placing it under the Paramount Network.

Back in September, ViacomCBS in the US announced that Paramount Network will convert into a movie channel next year under the name, Paramount Movies Network. At the time, it was currently unknown whether this would have some effect on the Paramount Networks around the world (guess not).

The likely reason for Paramount Network continuation may have something to do with the upcoming rebrand for the streaming service CBS All Access which is set to be called Paramount+ later in the new year and also rollout in more countries.

It's kind of like what Latin America is experiencing with the FOX branding which is getting replaced with Star. Disney is rolling out a mature version of Disney+ under the banner Star or Disney+ Star.

Now in Africa, Paramount Network doesn't exist yet and certain media outlets have been very curious about the future of the brand here. Even some theorized that it might launch to replace MTV.

My theory would be that Paramount Network launches to replace Comedy Central which is very accessible in Africa. Not only that MTV gets booted with some of its programming moving inbetween Paramount Network, BET and perhaps MTV Base.

Right now, Comedy Central especially BET are very redundant and not tough competitors - they look more like placeholders. Comedy Central case is partly justified since genre based channels can be very repetitive. These two love sharing programs especially with The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

MTV is the only decent channel amongst the three and channels like that are usually the ones that get most blows. It wouldn't be a complete loss as the channel didn't gain much recognition and acknowledgement like MTV Base.

This is common in Africa, you had channels such as Animal Planet, Crime & Investigation, BBC First and several others get snatched only for the mediocre and useless batch of channels to stay afloat.

Paramount Network launches in Africa carrying and likely rehash MTV shows such as Teen Mom, Ex On The Beach and Geordie Shore. The twist would be the channel actually replaced Comedy Central so if you want to see The Roast Specials and South Park then this will be your station. Paramount Movies Network in the U.S. will be producing movies maybe that will be added as a bonus constellation.

BET gets a boost with MTV shows such as Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It, Have Faith, The Code Trilogies and Love And Hip-Hop mixed with their dry lineup of shows strengthening the channel's offering.

At this point, MTV shifts it's focus towards music perhaps all the music award specials and musician based reality shows will be put on the Afro obsessed channel, MTV Base.

2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year for TV with more companies streamlining their channels and portfolios being reviewed.

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