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Friday, 11 September 2020

With Less Kids Entertainment On Cable, Here's A List Of Possible Kids Channels That Might Occupy Disney XD Spot On DStv

In less than 21 days, Disney XD will shut down on DStv and since MultiChoice won't be looking at alternatives for 304 yet I complied a list of possible candidates. There's not much kids entertainment left in the world that viewers haven't already seen but these channels are the only ones left that cater to the same audience as XD and I can see part of them die like XD at some point. In the end, MultiChoice managed to package a total of 15 kids channels and not a lot of countries can do that.

DreamWorks Channel, a kids channel owned by NBCUniversal (since 2016) which is home to archived and current DreamWorks animation including Dawn Of The Croods, All Hail King Julien and DreamWorks Dragons. The channel was available exclusively through Kwesé TV (till it got liquidated) and a year later on StarTimes.

Universal Kids also owned by NBCUniversal targeting a youth audience, including DreamWorks Animation content, unscripted programming (including game shows, and youth spin-offs of reality series from its sister networks, such as American Ninja Warrior and Top Chef), and imported series from other countries.

Toonami owned by WarnerMedia is the home of superheroes particularly from DC Comics. Exciting, action-packed comics-based cartoon shows for fanboys-and-girls including Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Young Justice. The channel was available exclusively through Kwesé TV (liquidated), a few months later on Cell C's Black (defunct) and a year later as a pop-up channel on DStv and became a permanent channel on StarTimes.

Boing also owned by WarnerMedia is a reruns channel for past programming seen on Cartoon Network including Puffy Amiyumi, Ed Edd'n Eddy, Dexter's Laboratory and Courage The Cowardly Dog alongside some acquired programming such as The Garfield Show and Sonic Boom. The channel is available in some parts of Africa.

Genius Brands:
Kartoon Channel (formerly Kid Genius and Baby Genius) is the home of the very best in kids and familiy entertainment across major cable/satellite providers and OTT platforms. Their shows have no violence, no negative stereotypes, and no inappropriate language. The lineup includes Minecraft’s Journey to the End, Angry Birds Toons, Mighty7, Rainbow Rangers and Llama Llama. GNUS described it as Netflix for kids.

- DreamWorks content is accessible on many platforms while Universal Kids can supply that content on a limited basis due to the other programming seen on the channel.
- Universal Kids is the least watched channel in the U.S. and the only channel here that's not gaining traction.
- Kartoon Channel is the brand with several platforms to view.
- Toonami and Boing are pure repeats channels meaning if there's a time where streaming dominates the market these channels can be obsolete.
- Most of DreamWorks Animation is coming from Netflix meaning if the platform feels like not investing in the brand then the channel could become obsolete. On the bright side more platforms are working with this brand for more programming guarantee longevity.

Zoomoo kiddies lineup
Scrapped channels on DStv - their status is still unknown

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