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Friday, August 5, 2022

Important Notice: INX Prime's Launch On The DStv Platform Has Been Delayed

After months and months of waiting, South Africa's new Islamic channel INX Prime which was scheduled to launch today latest was 5pm became a no show as consumers wait anxiously only to recieve this heartbreaking news.

According to the channel, the delay has to do with a technicality beyond their capacity as they encourage viewers to stay tuned to their social platforms as they announce a new date and when they say "beyond their capacity" could they be referring to MultiChoice.

During the week, the Competition Tribunal reinstated eMedia's 4 channels on the DStv platform with the pay-tv company expected to put up with these channels at least for another 6 months as they continue to conduct their investigation for some reason.

As outlined by MultiChoice, they are dealing with transponder constraints as they pay platform had only space for 14 channels at the time eMedia's channels were scrapped from the DStv platform and I don't want to beat around the bush but could this be the reason for INX Prime didn't materialize.

Another channel in question at this point has to be the exciting new movie channel Movie Room for which MultiChoice was hyping about since late February when plans were underway to dismiss the channels in March only for it to be delayed for another two months.

This news brings a lot of shocker to the Islamic community living in South Africa as they were hoping to see the channel hopefully a new date will be communicated soon.

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