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Friday, August 5, 2022

DStv Updates: The Future Of eAfrica, The Launches Of INX Prime and Movie Room + More For Neighbouring Countries

South Africa has been seeing some love this past week following the launches of INX Prime and Movie Room on the DStv platform alongside the return of's 4 channels. In this section, we'll be not only discussing some of the aspects but recapping to the developments occurred.

South African consumers lost an estimated amount of 9 channels of which 4 were restored for the time being reducing it to 5 while as the rest of Africa from what I understand lost between 5-7 channels including Russia Today, Lifetime, fliekNET and Tellytrack.

MultiChoice had boasted about having transponder constraints but I don't want to discuss that but look at some brands that are known globally but unfortunately not in South Africa, China Movie Channel (CMC) and Zhejiang TV apparently they were axed with viewers directed to CCTV and KIX for similar content.

Amidst these terminations, MultiChoice has been increasing their focus in the African market with the launches of Hilaal TV and Racing240 which are said to be surpassing predecessors ITV Networks and Tellytrack in terms of viewership.

Other additions that have also managed to rollout in the year include the news station News Central, local channels ZTN Prime and 3Ktv, kids brand DreamWorks Channel and news station NHK World-Japan.

In regard to the recent additions to the DStv platform, INX Prime and Movie Room the channels are rumoured to launch exclusively in South Africa thereafter rollout in the rest of Africa as they go through a trial in the region before negotiations can occur.

This is a norm with MultiChoice not adding channels at the same time as other regions point being made these channels will be added. They're likely looking at viewer's feedback on the channel before taking any action but from my perspective I wouldn't be shocked if it launched regardless.

eMedia Investments had a deal with MultiChoice Africa for eAfrica and as seen earlier in the year. They took the pay-tv company to court now this wasn't for eAfrica but it's sister channels residing in South Africa so in regard to whether they'll return, MultiChoice stated diligently that it's not coming back so viewers will have to find other means to view their shows.

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