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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Recap: The State Of Warner Bros Discovery Including Series Cancellations, Merger Of HBO Max And Discovery+ And Cartoon Network's Dismal Offering

During the week, Warner Bros. Discovery cancelled several original productions like Scoob: Holiday Haunt, Batgirl and Little Ellen but here's the thing out of three two had finished production all that was left was distribution with the last being Little Ellen which was renewed ahead of time but recent changes suffered the same effects as the others.

Later today, Warner Bros. Discovery is expected to address these changes alongside unveil more details in regard to the merger of HBO Max and Discovery+.

News broke out about the merger started around the time prior to the time WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc. functioned seperately and were on the verge of becoming Warner Bros. Discovery as seen with these recent cancellations the streamer is said to hold more Discovery than HBO.

The news has seen immense backlash for not only HBO Max fans but also Discovery has not a lot of consumers are accustomed to Cake Boss or Dr. Pimple Popper.

But if you look at the cutbacks from a clearer perspective, it actually helps a streamer like Disney+ which has been lacking in adult entertainment overseas.

HBO Max and Discovery+ have their 50% but if you look on Discovery there's reality, lifestyle, wildlife, factual, decor, motor, food and homegrown programming which is a lot you can do with a measly 50% while HBO had mostly dramas and movies before I can expand further some of Discovery+ content can be slotted under general entertainment which is where HBO Max sits.

Not that I'm happy about the downfall of HBO Max but if you kind of look at this merger just evens out the content as seen on Netflix the only brand I'm more curious about at this point is Cartoon Network alongside Cartoonito which has established linear presence internationally.

As it is there has been I wouldn't say cutbacks as seen with TNT, TBS and The CW but production is very slow as most shows have gone through development hell while others are ending soon and I wouldn't be shocked if Adult Swim got caught into the mix following the cancellation of Close Enough.

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