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Friday, November 12, 2021

SABC Encore And SABC Children: The Final Test Dummies, Could These Be The Channels eMedia Investments And The SABC Failed To Launch On Openview?

It's been 9 months since SABC and eMedia Investments extended their agreement to include three additional channels and 19 radio stations on Openview and 4 months since the media has been awaiting more details on the channels.

The SABC and eMedia Investments promised to unveil more details about the other two channels coming to Openview before the end of June and several months have pass with no update.

One of the two were speculated to be SABC Encore. When you look at the whole thing they've been mentioned or spotted by the media on several occasions like the radio interview or that funeral service.

Besides that, a channel registered under the name SABC Entertainment came up which was the original name for the Encore only for it to be removed in favour of the kiddies brand, SABC Children.

Now that kiddies has been merged with SABC Encore as seen below.

SABC offers three free-to-air channels which carry local and international programming ranging from dramas, soaps, reality, cartoons and news. So what I'm trying to get at here is they have plenty of entertainment channels.

Even though, it was mentioned that the two entertainment channels would carry content already seen on other channels they never stated it would cater for the same age group.

My logic here is that perhaps the two channels coming will be targeted and if so happens to be the two mentioned. The arrangement of the SABC channels will go as follows:

- SABC 1-3 remains catered for 18-49 so of course the lineup will recieve constant adjustments to appease that audience.
- SABC Encore will cater for the millenials who grew out of SABC 1-3. It could also be used as a history channel to document the lives of that age group as well as the stars.
- SABC Children which has been viewed as niche on SABC 1-3 in regards to timeslots will cater for 2-12/3/4 years olds.

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