Friday, 5 July 2019

A New African Animated And Pop-Culture Kids Channel Launches Before The End Of The Year As Annecy Selects Africa As Spotlight Territory In 2020

The Annecy Intl. Animation Film Festival and
its Mifa market have selected Africa as the
spotlight territory for their 2020 edition, it was announced on Wednesday.

In parallel with the French Institute’s Africa
2020 Season, which will highlight France’s
renewed partnership with the continent,
Annecy will host screenings, meetings,
conferences and discussions shining light on different aspects of animation production in Africa.

“This tribute is a central point of many of our recent initiatives,” explained Citia’s CEO,
Mickaël Marin, citing the creation of the Animation du Monde pitching sessions in
2015, as well as the launch of the competitive category Perspectives in 2017, as “two solid examples of our desire to provide increased visibility to these countries and to promote their astounding creativity.”

Mifa head Véronique Encrenaz added: “The
presence of African studios and artists is ever higher at Mifa. We would like to showcase it further by creating a special pavilion, as well as a series of meetings and project presentations.”

Nick Wilson, head of projects and content at
the African Animation Network (AAN), an open-network platform for African animators and industry associations, said Wednesday’s announcement is further proof that African animators are ready for their close-up.

“The African Animation Network is seeing exponential growth in the African animation
industry,” he says. “Bringing the whole continent into sharp focus as part of the Africa 2020 Season at Annecy next year was
something that was unfathomable just six months ago, let alone three years ago when we launched AAN. I know that the announcement is going to reverberate across the continent.”

The selection marks the latest step forward in Annecy’s growing collaboration with African animators. In 2017, Annecy’s Intl. Animation Film Market (MIFA) partnered with the AAN and the Discop content market to launch the first pan-African pitching competition for animators, with two winners selected each year to compete with eight other projects at Animation du Monde.

“Animation du Monde has been pivotal for our fledgling industry, allowing African talent market access [while] being able to compete with parity against our global counterparts,” said Wilson, pointing to impressive year-on-year growth in the total number of submissions for the competition as proof that “African talent has aspirations to develop and produce original African IP.”

Last year’s Animation du Monde winner, Togo’s Ingrid Agbo, pre-sold her series “L’arbre à Palimpseste” (The Tree of Palimpsest) to Gulli Africa, the Lagardère-owned kids network. Said Wilson: “The stories are unique and we’re confident can travel, which is critical in achieving sustainability.”

Another step toward that goal is the announcement in Annecy this week of a new linear animation and pop culture channel for Africa, which the AAN will formally launch at the Discop content market in Johannesburg later this year, in collaboration with Discop’s organizers, Basic Lead.

The channel will debut with a small block of dedicated African-produced content, which Wilson said will increase as production capacity across the continent continues to grow. “Market access for African-produced content is critical in building sustainable African animation and pop culture industries,”he said. “Launching a 24-hour linear thematic channel with this editorial line will bring us further down the line toward that goal.”

Another positive development was the
announcement of the first international service job for Nigeria’s growing animation industry. Episodes of the Chinese animated TV series “Wool Wool Town” will be produced in Lagos by a collective of eight studios comprising more than 50 animators, a project – secured in partnership with Animation Nigeria and India’s Toonz Media Group – that will keep the studios busy for the next 10 months or more.

Also this week, Kenya’s Seventy Two Media, in partnership with the AAN, announced the
inaugural African Animation Awards, which
will celebrate achievement in the pan-African animation industry. The first edition will be held this October in Nairobi.

The news caps a busy week for African animators in Annecy, which Wilson said “has been an incredible partner of the African Animation Network, and by extension the African animation industry.”

“Being able to celebrate the continent’s diversity of cultures and talents at the most prestigious animation festival and market on the planet [in 2020] will have enormous long term benefits for our industry,” he says. “I don’t think we will fully grasp how enormous those benefits will be until we look back retrospectively in 5-10 years.”

Annecy Festival artistic director Marcel Jean added: “We would like to assist productions from the entire continent and bring them into the spotlight, from pioneering works to contemporary young filmmakers, from the Maghreb to South Africa, and Senegal to Egypt. 

In the development of this African animation structure we intend to collaborate with local organizations and call on African programmers. This will be the opportunity for festival-goers at Annecy to discover a still far too little known cinematography.”

A Brand New Scooby-Doo Movie Special Premieres In August 2019 On Boomerang Africa Along With A Marathon From Your Favorite Boomerang Duo

Bear-y wonderful friendship

Some friendships come naturally, and some … well, they take time! While it’s her way or the highway, Masha sure can make an impression and no one knows this better than the animals in the forest, and Bear of course! The chaos, mischief and adventure continue this August on Boomerang in the not to be missed all-new episodes of Masha and the Bear where you’ll learn all about loyalty and true friendship!

Premiere Date: Monday 12/08/2019
Tune-in: Monday to Friday @ 16:30 CAT


After they solve the mystery of a sea creature haunting a lighthouse, the gang goes to a malt shop where Shaggy and Scooby win a hamburger eating contest and win a trip to Hollywood for the whole gang. They fnd themselves in yet another mystery when they take a VIP tour of an old horror flm studio, and the classic movie monsters who inhabit the studio decide to drop in for a visit while they are there. Can they tell reality from fiction? Tune in to Boomerang to find out!

Premiere Date: Saturday 03/08/2019
Tune-in: Saturday @ 09:40 CAT

Creatures of leisure...

What could be better than a marathon of Downton Tabby episodes from the Tom and Jerry Show, followed by the raccoon imposter, Taffy? It can’t be that diffcult for Tom and Jerry or Taffy and Bentley to live in a Manor House, can it? Will they be able to demonstrate greatness in the art of living in a well-mannered and refned lifestyle? Anything is possible and nothing is predictable with this bunch! Don’t miss out; catch it all on Boomerang this August!

Premiere Date: Sunday 25/08/2019
Tune-in: Sunday @ 07:55 CAT

Cartoon Network Africa Celebrates Women In August 2019 With An Epic Marathon Featuring Your Favorite CN Ladies Along Brand New Episodes Of The Powerpuff Girls

Calling all CN ladies!

This August, Cartoon Network pays homage to its iconic leading ladies on Women’s Day. Cool, coura- geous and powerful, our girls will take over the universe with Toya Delazy at the forefront with a brand- new Powerpuf Girls Bliss episode in store! There’s more, so sit back and relax as Cartoon Network gives you the low down of our favourite women inspired episodes of UniKitty!, Teen Titans Go!, Regular Show and Craig of the Creek.

Launch: Friday 09/08/2019
Tune-in: Friday @ 08:20 CAT

The Power of Four

Bliss reunites with her sisters in all-new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls, and it’s bound to be one hellu- va ride! Tune in to Cartoon Network and follow the girls as they contend with a new superhero’s arrival in Townsville, what dark secret could he be hiding? Will Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Bliss be able to save the day when the school play goes of the rail because of an interfering drama teacher? Find out by tuning in from Saturday, 24 August.

Launch: Saturday 24/08/2019 @ 18:10 CAT
Tune-in: Weekends @ 05:00 CAT

Teen Step 1, 2 ... 1, 2!
We’re putting on our dancing shoes this August to groove to Teen Titans Go!’s greatest song compilation! Featuring all song-related episodes, Cartoon Network is ready to get you bopping your head and tapping your feet as the Teen Titans gang makes catching villains look easy! We can guarantee that the gang will keep you on your toes as they spread peace and love after tackling sour grapes!
Launch: Saturday 31/08/2019
Tune-in: Weekends @ 10:05 CAT

Badanamu Cadets Premieres In August 2019 On JimJam EMEA Along With A Marathon Of Conni And A Learning Block

EVERY DAY from 06:30, 06:41 AM CET
05:51, 06:02 PM CET
premiere 12nd of AUGUST
This CGI animated series sees the world of Badanamu graduate from its famous
early learning songs (only happiness and sweetness), suitable for the youngest
of kids to a dualistic adventure (good and evil characters) for preschool children
aged 4 years and above.
The audience follows Bada and his fellow cadets as they battle against the forces
of darkness, keeping the world of Badanamu safe. Professor Pip and Poppy,
Bada’s romantic flame, ride along on this twisting train of adventure and
excitement. New antagonists devoted to mischief and destruction emerge from
the dark forests beyond Wonderwood, and it will take all the cadets’ bravery
and careful thinking to stop them.
S1 52 X 11’

5 eps.
Conni is a friendly, uncomplicated little girl – bright, inquisitive and mostly cheerful. She is open-minded, self-conscious and has a strong interest in everything around her.
She shows courage when things are going wrong and isn’t afraid to ask questions if she is unsure of something. Thus,
she learns about life in everyday adventures.
S1 26 X 11’

8:00-9:00 AM; 4:00-5:00 PM CET
Learning English with Badanamu figures
Badanamu Talk and Badanamu ABC: 1 – 1 episode
in a playful way: ABC practice with the cute „Nemies” figures, exercise up to 100 essential vocabulary words.
Jarmies – 2 episodes
Combines fun and familiar adventures with an introduction to basic English language
for non-English speaking children.
What’s The Big Idea? – 2 episodes
Philosophy show for preschool children.
Hugo takes us on a journey of philosophical enquiry confronting big questions like
'What is the difference between thinking and dreaming?', 'Can it ever be good to be
angry?' and 'Why do people feel sad?'
Animanimals – 2 episodes
In each episode, a different animal has an absurd adventure that can only happen to him.
Robocar Poli Traffic Safety – 1 episode
It will deliver daily traffic safety tips and rules such as the safe ways of getting on the school bus, how to read traffic signs and etc. through the real available traffic accident episodes.

Friday, 28 June 2019

The #1 Millennial Brand In The US, [Adult Swim], To Make A Splash Across DStv Africa!, Renowned Counter-Culture Shows To Feature In An Epic Programming Block On TNT This July

This July, for the first time on linear TV in Africa, [adult swim] will be available on TNT as a branded block on DStv, channel 137. This means every weekday from Monday, 8 July, to Friday, 12 July, DStv viewers across Africa will be treated to the three most popular [adult swim] shows, Rick and Morty, Final Space and Robot Chicken!

[adult swim] – the adult-oriented programming block offering animated and live-action series for young adults - brings on alternative, non-conformist, counter-culture content that is honest, sincere and, awkwardly random at times. The channel has enjoyed massive success in the US, making it the number one US cable destination for millennials; the number one performing US channel amongst 18 – 34-year-olds; and broadcasts 8 of 10 most preferred series viewed by millennials in which the phenomenal original production, Rick and Morty, is ranked in the Top 5 best series of all time.

“This is a great opportunity to capitalise on the current success of [adult swim] in Africa following its launch on MultiChoice’s SOVD platform, Showmax, last year November,” says Guillaume Coffin, VP head of commercial and business development, Turner France & Africa. 

“We hope that the disruptive entertainment block on TNT will raise further awareness of the [adult swim] brand and its offerings amongst millennials across Africa, driving viewers to [adult swim]’s corner on, Showmax.”

Tune in to TNT every day from Monday, 8 July to Friday, 12 July to watch a double dose of back-to-back episodes of Rick and Morty and Final Space where you’ll get caught in fascinating scientific, other-worldly adventures, followed by fan-favourite stop-motion pop-culture parody, Robot Chicken specials. TNT is also bringing its fans a Rick and Morty and Final Space marathon, on Saturday 20 July and Saturday, 27 July respectively, where viewers get to binge-watch the complete first season of each of these weirdly unusual, eclectic, surprising, quirky and surreal animation series!

If you miss the TNT [adult swim] block on DStv, there is plenty [adult swim] content available on Showmax including Rick and Morty (S1, S2, S3), Samurai Jack (S5), Robot Chicken (specials and non-specials), The Jellies (S1), Aqua Teen Hunger Force (S1), Black Dynamite (S1) and Eagle Heart.

Programming Slate
Rick and Morty
The most popular Adult Swim show in South Africa, this animation cult series follows the misadventures of Rick Sanchez, a crazy scientist cynic, and Morty Smith, his grandson, an adolescent who is quite introvert and easily influenced. They spend their time between a domestic life and their inter-dimensional adventures.

Final Space
An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake embark on serialised journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends and if it actually does exist.

Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken is stop-motion pop-culture parodies in fast-paced succession spanning TV, movies, music and celebrity. The award-winning series uses stop-motion animation to bring pop-culture parodies to life in a modern take on the variety/sketch show format.

Programming Details
Monday, 8 July                               
Tuesday, 9 July                             
Wednesday, 10 July
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E1        
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E3       
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E5
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E2        
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E4       
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E6
21:55 Final Space S1 E1               
21:55 Final Space S1 E3               
21:55 Final Space S1 E5
22:20 Final Space S1 E2               
22:20 Final Space S1 E4               
22:20 Final Space S1 E6
22:45 Robot Chicken Special      
22:45 Robot Chicken Special      
22:45 Robot Chicken Special

Thursday, 11 July                        
Friday, 12 July                                
Saturday, 20 July
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E7       
21:00 Rick and Morty S1 E9       
20:00 Rick and Morty Season 1 Marathon
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E8       
21:28 Rick and Morty S1 E10         
21:55 Final Space S1 E7              
21:55 Final Space S1 E9        
Saturday 27 July
22:20 Final Space S1 E8              
22:20 Final Space S1 E10            
20:00 Final Space Season 1 Marathon
22:45 Robot Chicken Special     
22:45 Robot Chicken Special

Hawaii Five-O Season 7 & 8 Premiere In August 2019 On FOX Africa Along With Double Bills And Marathons Of Your Favorite Shows

HAWAII 5-0. S7 (25 x 60’)
Wednesdays at 18:15, From 1 August (ends 19 August) 
This season marks the final appearances of Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua.

HAWAII 5-0. S8 (25 x 60’)
Mondays at 20:45, From 19 August (ends 4 September)
In this season, the escalation or organised crime around the island seemed to have started six weeks before the FBI launched a special division task force to deal with these crimes - these events conveniently corresponded with Adam’s return to Hawaii, who the FBI suspect is linked to the reason behind the emergence of criminal activities in Hawaii.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT S5  Double bills
Weekdays at 12:25 from Monday 12 August (Ends 26 August)
A Taiwanese family finds that life is a lot different in Orlando, Florida, than it was in the Chinatown section of Washington, D.C.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT S5 Bumper weekend
Saturday 10 August (Episodes 1 - 11) From 12:40.
Sunday 11 August (Episodes 12 - 22) From 12:40.

LIFE IN PIECES S4  Double bills
Weekdays at 12:25 from 27 August 

Friday 9 August 2019
10:00 - 11:20 Lois Griffin - “the mum” episodes
11:20 - 13:00 - Meg Griffin - the daughter” episodes

Monday - Friday 17:00
6 - 20 August: Best Stewie episodes
21  - 29 August: Road to specials

FALSE FLAG (KFULIM) S2 (10 x 60’)
Wednesdays at 20:45, From 4 July (ends 11 September)
In season two, an explosion during an inauguration ceremony for the first oil pipeline connecting Israel to Turkey is immediately labelled as a deadly terrorist attack by the media. Three citizens were all present at the inauguration - but all three disappeared around the time of the blast, which killed several government officials. When their names are released as key suspects, those closest to them are thrown into the eye of the storm. The investigation and media attention turns their lives upside down and, as suspected connections and surprising alliances begin to emerge, their initial surprise makes way for mistrust - with no assurance that solving the mystery will put things back the way they were.
Packed with nail biting intrigue and explosive twists, False Flag immerses viewers in a rollercoaster ride of suspicion and deception, as each character is forced to question everything that was once so familiar. Caught in a web of secrets and lies, only one thing is known for certain - that nothing will ever be the same again.

LEGION S3 (8 x 60’)
Mondays at 20:45, From 29 July (ends 16 September)
David Haller’s struggle against the shadow king and his own mind isn’t over quite yet…. 

BLUE BLOODS (S4 - S6 double bills)
Fridays at 19:55, ends 20 November
Blue Bloods is a drama about a multi- generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement.

New Episodes Of Big City Greens Premieres In August On Disney XD Africa

Big City Greens (S1 New Eps)
Weekdays @17:40, from 19th Aug-30th Aug
Synopsis: Cricket Green is moving to the big city! Along with his older sister Tilly, father Bill and wild Gramma Alice, this small family can find big adventures no matter where they are!