Thursday, 15 August 2019

Peppa Pig Makes A Surprise Visit To Nick Jr Africa In September 2019 Along Brand New Adventures From Your Favorite Characters

SUNDAY 01 SEPTEMBER FROM 13:00 WAT / 14:00 CAT / 15:00 EAT
Episode 525 premiere | Half hours
A comet is coming and the Paw Patrol get to work building a giant observatory! When the observatory starts rolling out-of-control Rubble and the pups need to get to work re-building everything it's destroyed in this Ultimate Construction Rescue!

Episodes 53 to 105 | 5 min each
Peppa Pig joins the Nick Jr. family with a special take over for a few hours from:
• Monday to Friday at 05:00 WAT / 6:00 CAT / 07:00 EAT
• AND for 5 hours during the weekend from 10:00 WAT / 11:00 CAT / 12:00 EAT

WEEKDAYS: 09 TO 19 SEPTEMBER AT 06:15 WAT / 07:15 CAT / 08:15 EAT
Episodes 411, 406, 412-414 | Half carts except 411 is half hour
Shimmer, Shine and Leah explore the Dragon Forest and meet Farnaz, a Dragon Rider who teaches them to ride dragons! But when Zeta takes a flock of dragons, including Farnaz's, the girls and Farnaz must work together to stop her.
When flight magic disappears from Zahramay Skies, Rubi and the girls try to set things right.

WEEKDAYS: 09 TO 13 SEPTEMBER AT 09:45 WAT / 10:45 CAT / 11:45 EAT
Episodes 136-140 | Half hours
Lacey and KC step in to manage the increasingly busy Pet Parlor, but lose track of Hannah's dog, Tutu.
Doodle puts on special jumping shoes meant for stunt-girl Felix the Fearless. Doodle has fun jumping all over town - until he can't stop.

WEEKDAYS: 16 TO 25 SEPTEMBER AT 06:50 WAT / 07:50 CAT / 08:50 WAT
Episodes 211-214 | Half carts
Nella meets her match at Castlehaven's Friendship Games, when a new friend becomes determined to win at any cost.
With his arm in a cast, Garrett must find a new way to be a hero on an urgent knightly quest.

WEEKDAYS FROM 16 TO 24 SEPTEMBER AT 07:05 WAT / 08:05 CAT / 09:05 EAT
Episodes 201-207 | Half hours
The Cadets must pass Inspector Eagle-Eye's test or Speedy and Bea will be sent back to teacher's school!
Margo the Monkey and the Banana Bandits break into Headquarters and try to take off with the HQ Command Flyer!

WEEKDAYS FROM 23 SEP TO 04 OCT AT 06:40 WAT / 07:40 CAT / 08:40 WAT
Episodes 115-117,119,118,120 | Half carts except 118, 120
Harriet Bouffant is stuck in the tower, and Abby and Bozzly must save her!
Abby wants to send a picture of her and the Fuzzlies to her Wai Po, but it's impossible to get all the Fuzzlies together for a perfect picture.

WEEKDAYS 23 TO 30 SEPTEMBER AT 07:25 WAT / 08:25 CAT / 09:25 EAT
Episodes 604-607 | 604 Half hour, 605-607 half carts
Olivia the Ostrich has fallen in to the canyon! The pups need to work together to lift her to safety, while keeping her soon-to-hatch eggs warm.
Farmer Yumi's new Yoga Goat class is a hit, until her goats go missing! It's up to the Paw Patrol to find the goats and return them to Yumi's farm.

WEEKDAYS: 30 SEPTEMBER TO 04 OCTOBER AT 09:20 WAT / 10:20 CAT / 11:20 EAT Episodes 122-124, 126-127 | Half hours
A rumor has everyone wondering: is there gold treasure buried at Butterbean's Cafe?
All the veggies are disappearing from Poppy's garden, and the Bean Team thinks Ms. Marmalady is behind it! Is she to blame?
Jasper thinks pet-sitting Cookie is going to be a piece of cake, until she gets lost!

EVERY SUNDAY AT 07:05 CAT/ 06:05 WAT/ 08:05 EAT
Double episodes | one hour
Sunday 01 September – Shimmer and Shine: The First Wish
Sunday 08 September – Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom
Sunday 15 September – Bubble Guppies: The Puppy and the Ring
Sunday 22 September – Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids
Sunday 29 September – Blaze and the Monster Machines: Race to the Top of the World

The Second Season Of Welcome To The Wayne Premieres In September 2019 On NickToons Africa Along With Wallykazam As Part Of The Nick Jr. Block, New Episodes Of Your Favorite Shows As Well As The Final Season Of My Little Pony

WEEKDAYS | 02 TO 18 SEPTEMBER AT 08:55 CAT / 07:55 WAT / 09:55 EAT
New Episodes 101-113 | Half hours
Wally Trollman is an adventurous 6-year old troll with a power that lets him make words come to life using a magic stick. Wally uses his magic for more than fun, though; he uses it to solve problems, help friends, and overcome the antics of resident troublemaker Bobgoblin.

WEEKDAYS | 09 SEPTEMBER TO 14 OCTOBER AT 13:45 CAT / 12:45 WAT / 14:45 EAT
New Episodes 901-926 | Half hours
Twilight Sparkle is put into a tale spin of emotions when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna decide to retire, meanwhile an ancient villain gathers up a group of evil characters to take over all of Equestria.

WEEKDAYS | 23 SEPTEMBER TO 09 OCTOBER AT 17:45 CAT / 16:45 WAT / 18:45 EAT
New Episodes 114-126 | Half hours
When Felicity visits Mirror Rock with Miguel, she accidentally releases the evil mirror image of herself, Evil Felicity!
Felicity and Miguel are stuck together by magical friendship bracelets that will only unlock if they prove they're really best friends.

WEEKDAYS | 02 TO 13 SEPTEMBER AT 19:45 CAT / 18:45 WAT / 20:45 EAT
New Episodes 201-210 | Half hours
While Team Timbers take a break and unplug from technology, a terrifying threat named Eraser Face attempts to erase the Wayne!
Team Timbers travels inside a magical book that takes them back to when Olly was a baby. But when Olly breaks the book's rules, he may lose his little sister Saraline forever!

WEEKDAYS | 16 SEPTEMBER TO 02 OCTOBER AT 16:10 CAT / 15:10 WAT / 17:10 EAT
New Episodes 127-152 | Half hours x2 per day
Squidward becomes the star of his own public access TV show.
Plankton goes inside SpongeBob’s head to get the Krabby Patty formula.
Mr. Krabs tries to find enough food to feed Pearl as she goes through her growth spurt.

MONDAY | 23 SEPTEMBER AT 12:50 CAT / 11:50 WAT / 13:50 EAT
Once off Special
When Twilight Sparkle and her friends arrive in Hope Hollow, they find the town and residents colourless! The Mane 6 will have to solve the mystery behind this washed-out world if they hope to bring the "rainbow" back to the Rainbow Festival.

WEEKDAYS | 4, 5, 6 & 13 SEPTEMBER FROM 18:05 CAT / 17:05 WAT / 19:05 EAT EVERY SUNDAY FROM 16:00 CAT / 15:00 WAT / 17:00 EAT
04th World Wildlife Day | Kung Fu Panda
05th International Cheese Pizza Day | Rise of the TMNT, Alvin & the Chipmunks
06th International Read a Book Day | Avatar, Winx Club, Regal Academy
13th International Kid's Take Over the Kitchen Day | My Little Pony, Rabbids: Invasion, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Jimmy Neutron
WEEKDAYS | 4, 5, 6 & 13 SEPTEMBER FROM 18:05 CAT / 17:05 WAT / 19:05 EAT EVERY SUNDAY FROM 16:00 CAT / 15:00 WAT / 17:00 EAT
01st – Pig Goat Banana Cricket 08th – Welcome to the Wayne 15th – My Little Pony
22nd – SpongeBob SquarePants
29th – Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

Travel the world in ten tantalizing days with NickToons and all your favourite characters!
We kick off our NickToons world tour with the mischievous adventures of Munki and Trunk in the jungles of Africa where we’ll also most likely bump into The Wild Thornberrys on their crazy escapades – who knows, they may even take us all the way to Asia!
Our NickToons tour continues to Mexico where we’ll meet up with Manny Rivera, a 13-year-old superhero wrestler who goes by the name of El Tigre! Hold onto your hats because our next stop is the USA where Rocko the Australian wallaby will give us a peek into his modern life in America.
And what world tour is complete without visiting the British Isles? Luckily we have Happy McSweeny the leprechaun to help us with all things Irish, and Peppa Pig is more than happy to show us what the UK has to offer. Oink! We end our tour with the Po and furious five who are now living, training and battling in the Valley of Peace, China.
WEEKDAYS 23 SEPTEMBER TO 04 OCTOBER STARTING AT 09:45 CAT / 08:45 WAT / 10:45 EAT 5 episodes back-to-back
Monday 23 Jungles Of Africa: Munki & Trunk
Tuesday 24 Africa: The Wild Thornberrys
Wednesday 25 Mexico: El Tigre
Thursday 26 Australia/USA: Rocko's Modern Life
Friday 27 Ireland: Lucky (movie) / Rainbow Roadtrip (movie)
Monday 30 England: Peppa Pig
Tuesday 01 Asia: The Wild Thornberrys
Wednesday 02: China: Kung Fu Panda
Thursday 03 USA (NY): Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Friday 04 Space / Earth: Invader Zim

Lincoln Loud And Alvin Seville Is Back In The Fourth Instalment Of The Loud House And ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks (Respectively) On Nickelodeon Africa Along With Brand New Episodes Of Your Favorite Shows

New Episodes 242 B, 244A, 245, 246B, 248-250, 251B | Half carts
Mr. Krabs turns the Krusty Krab into a jailhouse after Plankton breaks the law, but crime only pays for so long.
Squidward gleefully switches jobs with a bus driver for an easy ride... until SpongeBob and Patrick climb aboard.
SpongeBob gets in over his head when he volunteers to babysit Sandy's 3 nieces.

WEEKDAYS 16 TO 20 SEPTEMBER AT 18:10 New Episodes 511-515 | Half hours
Piper's school Parrot, Otto, starts to repeat "Henry is Kid Danger". Henry and Jasper have to stall until Ray, Charlotte, and Schwoz can find a way to fix things.
Henry's nerves are put the test when Piper invites her new boyfriend and his family over for dinner.

WEEKDAYS 23 SEP TO 03 OCT AT 14:45 New Episodes 401-405 | Half carts
Ronnie Anne makes friends with Sid, a girl whose family wants to rent the apartment upstairs. When it looks like another couple might get it first, the girls resort to sabotage to try and dissuade them.
When a fancy new grocery store opens on the block, Bobby rallies the family to do everything they can to compete.

New Episodes 401-406 | Half carts
Jeanette is suddenly the clumsiest person on the planet. Is there something wrong with her... or her new glasses?
Dave promises to take Alvin to a water park if he gets a good grade on his test, but then a crow steals it.

MON 02 The Loud House
TUE 03 The Loud House
WED 04 The Loud House
THU 05 SpongeBob SquarePants
FRI 06 SpongeBob SquarePants
MON 09 The Thundermans
TUE 10 The Thundermans
WED 11 The Thundermans
THU 12 Henry Danger
FRI 13 Henry Danger

Friday, 9 August 2019

Openview To Broadcast The English Premiere League In South Africa On Its Newly Established "News And Sports" Channel

Openview has expanded its content offering to include sports with the introduction of live English Premier League matches.

The free satellite service provider will broadcast the Premier League on its newly established NewsandSports channel.
The first live match will be broadcast on Saturday 10 August and coverage will run until the end of the football season.

Openview will broadcast one live match every week, which will include one of the top six Premier League clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, or Tottenham Hotspur
Together with the live matches, eMedia Investments – the owner of, eNCA and Openview – has acquired the rights to schedule other football-related magazine programmes that are produced by the Premier League.

“This is a momentous addition for us, and for the free-to-air television-watching public,” said COO of eMedia Investments, Antonio Lee.

“A leading brand of sport continues in the free-to-air domain and we, at OpenView, are excited to host it.”

Lee added that “eMedia will add its very own touch to this broadcast, and hopefully in time, will be able to add more sports offerings on to our bouquet.”

eMedia News Channels Undergo Exciting Brand Refresh

South African media group eMedia Investments is relaunching its free-to-air news offerings. From Monday 5 August 2019, eNews 8PM and the satellite tv platform's OpenNews, will be repositioning and merging under the banner called News.

Openview viewers can watch News from 4:00PM-7:30PM Monday to Friday on Channel 120, while our viewers can catchup on their latest news at 1:00PM and 8.00PM Weekdays.

Speaking ahead of the channel's brand refresh, OpenNews Managing Director Nisa Allie said, "2019 marks the 21st anniversary of being South Africa's independent, commercial, free-to-air tv station and we are delighted about OpenNews becoming news. The decision comes from our desire to be more closely aligned to the brand. We were born of and its commitment to provide free, reliable, independent news." expressed Nisa

"Good Journalism and the desire to tell South Africa's story is at the heart of news and we are really excited to bring seasoned journalist, Annika Larsen onboard. She is a trusted value and a familiar face to the audience." Allie concluded.

The lineup will also bring Naledi Maleo and Kokesto Sachane.

OpenNews was launched on the Openview platform in late 2018.

For additional information on available channels, follow the official news social media pages:
Twitter: @etvnewsSA
Facebook: etvnewsSA
For more enquiries please contact Lerato Maboi at

Friday, 2 August 2019

Important Notice: Kwesé Free Sports No Longer On Openview

Ziyanda Mngomezulu, Openview's head of
channel acquisitions, in the statement
says that "Providing our audience with a
sports channel was a significant achievement for us on the platform channel offerings. The dissolution of the Kwesè Free Sports channel has been a tremendous loss, not only for us as Openview, but most importantly, for the audiences that we serve".

Openview says it will no longer be carrying Econet's Kwesé Free Sports on its satellite TV -platform.

Friday, 26 July 2019

TNT Celebrates The 80th Anniversary Of Batman In September 2019 Along With Heritage Day

Long Live the Bat – Batman’s 80th Birthday
Synopsis: Batman is turning 80, so to celebrate this special milestone, TNT is offering a special program during the month of September with all things Batman!
Tune in:

Saturday 07/09/2019
17:55 – Batman (1989)
20:00 – Batman Returns
Saturday 14/09/2019
18:00 – Batman Forever
20:00 – Batman and Robin

Saturday 21/09/2019
09:35 – Batman
11:40 - Batman Returns
13:45 – Batman Forever
15:45 – Batman and Robin
17:45 – Batman Begins
20:00 – The Dark Knight
22:30 - The Dark Knight Rise

Celebrate Heritage Day
Synopsis: On the 24th of September, South Africa celebrates Heritage Day that honours diverse cultural traditions, customs, and legacy. TNT will offer films fun for the whole family in celebration of this holiday!
Tune in:
Tuesday 24/09/2019

08:52 – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
10:30 – 3 Ninjas
12:10 – ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
14:00 - The Mask
15:40 – Spy Kids
17:05 – Beverly Hills Ninja
18:35 – Jackie Chan’s First Strike
20:00 – Groundhog Day

Jean-Claude Van Damme Fan Month
Synopsis: A man of muscle and skill, Jean-Claude Van Damme is featured in this month’s Fan Month program!
Tune in:
Friday 06/09/2019
    20:00 – Maximum Risk
Friday 13/09/2019
     20:00 – Street Fighter
Friday 20/09/2019
      20:00 – Timecop
Friday 27/09/2019
18:15 – Street Fighter
20:00 – Universal Soldier
21:40 – Maximum Risk
23:05 – Timecop