Friday, 24 January 2020

NBCUniversal Launches A New News Channel Called Sky World News Globally, Question Arise On Whether This Channel Will Replace Sky News On DStv?

A new NBC Sky World News channel will go live this summer across global TV networks, as well as on the Peacock streaming service which will not be available in South Africa.

The channel will mark Comcast’s first effort to unite its brands since its $30 billion acquisition of Sky in 2018.

Andy Lack, chairman of NBC News, told the FT that the service will target English-speaking audiences, and will draw on a 3,500-strong combined workforce and hire 100-200 dedicated staff. Ten new bureaus will open worldwide, extending the NBC-Sky reporting footprint by some 50 per cent.

The operation will be led by British TV executive Deborah Turness, who ran NBC News between 2013 and 2017 before being given responsibility for developing its international arm.

On launch, the television channel will reach an estimated 130 million households, and will seek to take on the likes of CNN and BBC in the global world news market. Since then MultiChoice and Sky News have been silent on the matter.

“We’ve longed for an international channel,” Lack said to the FT . “Going back to the Gulf war when CNN essentially came on to the scene, we knew then at NBC that if you weren’t in the 24-hour news business globally, you weren’t really in the news business. So when I first went to NBC in 1993 it was like, goddamn, how do we get one of those?” That opportunity seemingly finally arose following the acquistion of Sky.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

DStv Expands It's Offering - More Channels For More Customers

DStv customers are in for a massive treat this January. Not only will Compact Plus customers now get to enjoy Nick Jr. (channel 307), Family customers will also have National Geographic (channel 181) and TRACE Urban (channel 326) added to their package for their viewing pleasure. And, Access customers will get to watch Moja Love (channel 157) from 7 February to 6 March…that’s even more entertainment for everyone to enjoy!
Then, there are two exciting pop-up channels to explore, M-Net Movies Blackout: The Leading Men Edition (channel 109) available on Premium from 24 January to 16 February, showcasing some of Hollywood’s greatest black actors in their biggest films. There will be over 100 movies to watch, and viewers can look out for the likes of Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy and more.
The Ultimate Love pop-up channel (channel 198), will bring a new twist to reality television as we know it.  The channel will run from 9 February until 5 April, is a first-of-its-kind Nigerian reality show which centres on 16 participants (eight males & eight females) living together in an isolated location with the hope of finding love. Participants will be paired based on their mutual attraction to one another and will compete to emerge as the ultimate couple of the competition.
“We are continuously looking at ways that will ensure that customers across all our packages are able to access some of the great content that is available on our platform. Having these channels available for our customers is part of our ongoing commitment to bringing a wide variety of the best in local and international content that touches the lives of our viewers,” said Mark Rayner, Chief Executive Officer at MultiChoice South Africa.
The addition of Nick Jr. to the Compact Plus package is certainly a delight to parents. Nick Jr. (channel 307) forms part of DStv’s School of Laughter, which is all about a world of kid-friendly humour, to get your little one chuckling. Research has shown this helps tremendously in honing a number of social skills, from developing empathy to making friends easily and boosting creativity. Nick Jr. is the perfect channel to help younger kids (from two to six years old) explore the world around them. In February Nick Jr will also feature new episodes of popular shows such as Paw Patrol, Rusty Rivets and Blaze and the Monster Machines and they will be available on Catch Up.
National Geographic is certain to be a hit with shows such as Brain Games, which invites celebrities to realise their special brain power through fun games, Running Wild With Bear Grylls, where the renowned adventurer guides some Hollywood stars through the most extreme environments in the world, it’s all about taking a fresh look at the planet we live on and lots more.
TRACE Urban is a youth channel that focuses purely on urban and afro-urban celebrity news, music, entertainment and culture. It’s where the happening teens and young adults get their daily source of hot and happening action.
The content on Moja Love has proven to be popular with our audiences on channel 157 since the channel launched. The channel flights mostly local content that focuses on reality TV, actuality, entertainment and talk shows. The open period for the channel means that customers on the DStv Access package will be able to enjoy this content as well.
As always, DStv is bringing its customers a whole lot to be delighted about in 2020 – and this is just the beginning.

The Classic Flintstone Characters Pebbles And Bamm-Bamm Return In The Brand New Series Yabba Dabba Dinosaur In February 2020 On Boomerang Africa Along With New Episodes From Your Favourite Shows

New Show
Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm-Bamm Rubble are best friends growing up in prehistoric times when dinosaurs still walked the earth. They live in the town of Bedrock, a modern stone-age civilization, but whenever they get the chance, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm head to the open wilderness outside of town known as: The Crags, where the environments are as wild and amazing as the countless different dinosaurs that live there. In the Crags, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are free to do whatever they want, and no one can tell them how to do it.
Monday 17/02/2020
Monday to Friday @ 18:05 CAT
MR Bean, the animated series
New Episodes
Bean is Back! Mr Bean is back for a third series of his animated adventures.  This series follows Mr Bean, his best friend Teddy and his long-suffering landlady Mrs Wicket as we witness more of the mishaps that surround Mr Bean’s daily life.
Monday 03/02/2020
Monday to Friday @ 16:15 CAT
Masha and the Bear Song Fest
Masha is a free-spirited and fun girl who loves to cause mayhem but also sing while hanging out with her friend Michka the bear.
This feel good stunt will figure a combination of the best singing episodes of Masha and the Bear.
Sunday 01/03/2020 @ 07:35 CAT

Cartoon Network Africa Is Getting On The Zagtoon Action With The Debut Of Power Players In February 2020 Along With New Episodes Of Favourite Shows

New Show
Axel, a 9-year-old boy who can transform into a living action figure, gains a wild new perspective on the world as he wrangles a team of quirky smart-toys on the biggest small adventures a kid could ever imagine.
Monday 24/2 2020
Monday-Friday @07:20 CAT
New Episodes
The Ice Chapter: Zane’s been captured by the evil Ice Emperor. The Ninja have mounted a desperate rescue mission – but if they want to see their friend again, they’ll have to battle hordes of Blizzard Samurai as they make their way through the Never-Realm, from where no Ninja has ever returned. Join the adventures of Nya, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, and Master Wu in 15 exciting new episodes. Bundle up, and let’s go!
Friday 22/2 2020
Weekends @ 10:45  CAT
Let’s Dance STUNT
Pop-Up Party is back with several dance clips! Filmed in Kenya, we are going to discover the trendy and  hottest dance moves of the moment!  To discover in floating on Cn Africa from 01/03 and for few of them during the Let's Dance Stunt! In the Let's dance Stunt there will be a  selection of episodes on the theme of dance and a premiere of some of the new Pop-up Party S3 clips! Fun, dance and smiles!
Saturday 29/2 2020 @08:40 CAT

February 2020 Lineup On CuriosityStream Africa

Tuesdays from 4 February CAT: 20:00
Episodes 6 x 60 Mins
New archeological findings, first hand accounts of the war, Experts interviews and CGI and 3D reconstitutions intermingle in this investigative series on the look out for hidden traces of the most emblematic episodes of war. Each battle field becomes an open book revealing unexpected elements and details shedding new lights on the conflicts and their context.
Thursdays from 6 February 2020 CAT: 21:00
Episodes: 12 x 60 Mins
Every cop has a case that haunts him and hits his life. A case so intense and personal that pushes him past his limits. And when a cop ends up to go fully on record, this case remains rooted in you. In each episode of the series, a police officer reveals the strongest moments of the investigation that marked his life.
Weekdays from 3 February CAT: 14:00 & 14:30 Back to Back Episodes Weekdays from 17 February CAT: 14:00
Episodes: 30 x 30 Mins
They may think their classic cars are priceless, but owners get a true sense of what their rides are worth in this longtime Velocity series. Sports Car Market magazine Publisher Keith Martin provides the critical, expert eyes auto enthusiasts need to properly determine value. He visits car auctions across the U.S. to test drive some of the world's rarest automobiles for sale, from powerful muscle cars to stylish European sports autos. After an in-depth inspection and a deep dive into each car's history, Martin determines an accurate value before it races across the auction block. Comic/actor Josh Nasar ("Sons of Anarchy") --a collector car junkie joins Martin on many episodes.
Thursdays from 6 February CAT: 20:00
Episodes: 4x 60 Mins
When tackling a crime, the investigator’s only solution is to make the clues talk! There is no such thing as a perfect crime. Assault, kidnapping, murder… the culprit always leaves traces behind him. To hook the viewer, all the clues involved in the story are laid out in a CSI forensics lab, staged very esthetically. Each episode is structured around ten clues, presented like the scattered pieces of a macabre jigsaw puzzle. Gradually, the viewer comes to understand the part played by each clue in the investigation, until finally the truth is revealed. Each episode is addictive appointment viewing, captivating storytelling that grips the viewer and doesn’t let go until the last minute. Reality trumps fiction!
Monday to Friday from 3 February CAT: 19:00 & 19:30
Episodes: 39x 30 Mins
Our history is no more than a series of incredible events. From the birth of a thousand- year-old empire to the death of a flourishing civilization, from the creative genius of a handful of men to a worldwide cultural revolution, the most infinitesimal of our decisions can influence the future of humanity.
Every episode guides us to revisit a key event, a crossroads in our History where the world swings one way or the other. With spectacular reconstitutions created by 3D modeling specialists, every story is told in sequences and uchronies, which gives new perspective for today.
Monday –Friday from 3 February CAT: 18:00
Episodes: 12x 30 Mins
With the newest technologies and access to incredible storytellers around the world, explore pivotal moments in history, meet fascinating people, visit their world's experiences, and uncover extraordinary wildlife findings all in our present day.
Monday –Friday from 3 February CAT: 18:30
Episodes: 20x 30 Mins
Take a deeper look at some of the recent developments in physics, astronomy, and other sciences. Learn from experts’ research findings, theories, and efforts on how to resolve global scientific events. Find out about rip currents, asteroids, wildfires, life on Mars, and so much more in this short-form documentary series

Coastal Killers Debuts In February On CBS Justice Africa

Sundays at 21:00 from 2nd February until 5th April
Perhaps it’s the sea air or too much sun. But despite the jollity associated with sandcastles and ice creams, breezy promenade walks and donkey rides, many British seaside towns have a dubious reputation for hosting the most remarkable crimes.

Some of the most strange and terrifying murders ever recorded in British criminal history have taken place at the famous seaside resorts; the grand hotels playing host to some of the deadliest murderers imaginable, and the seafronts doubling as stalking grounds for the serial killers.

Three Shows Are Back For Another Season On Universal TV Africa

Coroner S2 will premiere Monday 3rd at 8pm.
Hudson & Rex is an action-packed police-procedural drama set in Newfoundland.
The series follows the partnership between cunning Major Crimes detective, Charlie Hudson, and his partner, Rex, a German Shepherd with heightened senses and formerly with the K-9 police unit.
Hudson & Rex S2 will premiere Tuesday 11th at 8pm.
There is murder again in Midsomer County. DCI Barnaby along with DS Jamie Winter are back to solve more murders in Britain’s deadliest county.
Along with Barnaby and Winter, eccentric forensic expert Fleur Perkins and Paddy, the Barnaby’s dog are also returning for another season of murder and mayhem.
Midsomer Murders S21 will premiere Sunday 9th at 8pm.
On Valentine’s Weekend (Friday 14th-Sunday 16th) we will also be celebrating the season of love with a double-bill of romance every day @ 12:30.
Our season will include four premieres; The Joneses’ Unplugged (2017), Brimming With Love (2018), Can’t Buy My Love (2017) and Hopeless, Romantic (2016).
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S21 continues throughout February (Wednesday @ 8pm)
NCIS S15 continues throughout February (Wednesday @ 8.50pm)
My Life is Murder continues throughout February (Fridays @ 8pm)