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Discovery Aims To Launch Discovery+ Streaming Service In Early 2021

Discovery plans to debut its direct-to-consumer streaming service — which will be called Discovery+ — in the first quarter of 2021, according to agency executives. Some agency executives had been told that the TV network group was aiming to launch the standalone streamer in the fourth quarter of 2020, but were skeptical of the timeframe given a lack of details about the service’s pricing, sponsorship packages and distribution plans. A Discovery spokesperson declined to comment.

Discovery CEO David Zaslav has teased the upcoming streaming service during the company’s earnings calls and at industry conferences, but the company has been light on details. Speaking at a virtual event hosted by Goldman Sachs on Sept. 17, he said the streamer will be coming to market “very soon.” Discovery has yet to officially announce the streamer’s name, but The Information had previously reported its name as Discovery+. Discovery filed a trademark for Discovery+ on July 10, according to a copy of the filing.

Discovery+ will feature an ad-supported and an ad-free tier, and the ad-supported tier will carry a maximum of five minutes of ads per hour of programming, according to the agency executives. Discovery has not shared with the agency executives how much money it will charge for people to subscribe to the service.

Discovery is seeking a limited number of advertisers to sign on as launch sponsors in time for its start, according to the agency executives, who were unaware how many sponsors the company is looking to secure. One agency executive likened Discovery’s initial ad sales strategy as “another Peacock,” referring to NBCUniversal’s move to secure 10 launch sponsors for Peacock’s debut. That contrasts with WarnerMedia’s strategy to attract a broader array of advertisers for HBO Max’s ad-supported tier, which is slated to come online next spring. Discovery has not formally presented advertisers with sponsorship packages, including details of how much those packages will cost or what they will entail beyond Discovery offering to guarantee ad impression counts and to arrange co-marketing deals for the advertisers to help to promote the service.

“It’s appealing, but we still have to see what it’s going to be,” said a second agency executive of the Discovery+ pitch.

Discovery is aiming the service at people who are less likely to tune in to Discovery’s linear networks, said the agency executives. Discovery already operates separate streaming apps that require people to log in with their pay-TV subscriptions to stream its TV networks’ shows. “This is for cord cutters,” said a third agency executive.

To attract cord cutters who are likely younger than Discovery’s linear audience, Discovery has been in the market for original programming, including reality shows and documentary series, for Discovery+ that appeal to younger adult audiences — twenty- and thirty-something viewers — and that star mainstream celebrities, according to entertainment industry executives.

Discovery has posted job listings on LinkedIn for positions overseeing the DTC service’s original programming. Those postings include an svp of original series as well as vps overseeing “lifestyle” programming (an industry term synonymous with reality TV series, like food, true crime and fashion shows), “factual” programming (an umbrella term for documentary series focused on science, animals, technology, etc.) and documentaries and specials.

Given Discovery’s ownership of networks including Discovery, TLC and Food Network, Discovery+ could vie to be the streaming network of choice for audiences interested in home, cooking and lifestyle-related programming as well as science-related documentaries.

The service will be niche compared to general-interest entertainment services like Netflix, HBO Max or Peacock. That could be to Discovery’s advantage, positioning it as a complement to other streamers that people may subscribe to. Such positioning has worked for Disney’s Disney+, appeals primarily to families and has attracted 60.5 million subscribers since launching in November 2019, and appears to be what Discovery has in mind for Discovery+.

“If you have Netflix, if you have Disney+, if you have Amazon, if you have any video product, who wouldn’t want what we have? It’s what most women in America are watching all the time,” Zaslav said when discussing Discovery’s streaming plans during Discovery’s earnings call on Aug. 5.

Discovery has made a point of owning the shows that air on its networks. That should give Discovery+ a large built-in library for viewers to find programming to watch rather than relying solely on original shows to attract audiences.

However, it’s unclear how much of the programming currently airing on Discovery’s linear networks will be available on Discovery+ because distributing those shows on the service could violate Discovery’s distribution deals with pay-TV providers. In addition to the original shows and programming that had previously aired on TV, Discovery appears intent on augmenting Discovery+’s library by acquiring programming from outside companies, according to a Discovery job posting on LinkedIn.

“We’re going to be coming with a fresh library of content, a huge amount of fresh originals, at a time when the road has been paved by Netflix and Disney and HBO and people are getting more and more acclimated to viewing content on devices,” Zaslav said during the Goldman Sachs event.

However, on which devices will Discovery+ be available remains a big question. Discovery has not detailed its distribution plans to agency executives, who are keen to hear whether the streamer will be available on Amazon’s and Roku’s connected TV platforms at launch.

A year ago Discovery+’s availability on two of the top CTV platforms may not have been a question, but this year both Amazon and Roku have shown themselves taking a harder line when negotiating distribution with TV network groups by asking to have a hand in the streamers’ subscription sales and to sell a share of the streamers’ ad inventory. WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal have yet to strike deals with Amazon to distribute HBO Max and Peacock, respectively, and NBCUniversal only reached a deal with Roku on Sept. 18 while WarnerMedia remains deadlocked with the CTV platform.

Discovery could run into a similar stalemate with Amazon and Roku and, as a smaller company than WarnerMedia or NBCUniversal, may not have as much leverage in negotiations or willingness to withhold its service from the CTV platforms as it attempts to scale.

During the Goldman Sachs session, Zaslav seemed to imply that Discovery still had some work to do in rounding out the distribution mix for Discovery+, though he did not get into specifics. “Our only challenge right now is we’re not on every device. We will be very soon, and we will be in a way that’s aggressive,” Zaslav said.

Remember even Disney had a similar situation and not long ago it was announced that Discovery will be streamlining their entertainment offering.

Paramount Network To Rebrand As The Paramount Movie Network, What Does That Mean For International Markets?

Paramount Network is set to rebrand to the Paramount Movie Network as it plots a focus on television movies.

The move is the latest change at ViacomCBS following the merger and comes after the company revealed that its upcoming streaming service is to be called Paramount+.

As part of the move, the network has cancelled a slew of non-scripted titles including Ink Master, Wife Swap and Battle of the Fittest Couples, while other titles including Bar Rescue and Lip Sync Battle will move to other ViacomCBS networks.

Chris McCarthy, President of Entertainment and Youth Brands at ViacomCBS, told Deadline’s sister title Variety, which broke the news,  that it is planning to air 52 original movies a year on the network with one mini-series or scripted series per quarter.

It marks a bright spot for the television movie business, which was once a mainstay of network and cable television but has been seen as the less sexy end of the spectrum in recent years.

Development of these projects will be overseen by former A+E Networks exec Meghan Hooper White, who joined earlier this year as EVP and Head of Original Movies and Limited Series.

Scripted originals that have been cancelled or moved at Paramount Network this year include 68 Whiskey, which was cancelled after one season, Sexy Beast, which was originally given a straight-to-series order before being axed earlier this summer and Darren Star’s Emily in Paris, which was originally ordered at Paramount Network before moving to Netflix.

Yellowstone, the Paramount Network’s hit western starring Kevin Costner, was renewed for a fourth season earlier this year.

October 2020 On TNT, Cartoon Network And Boomerang Africa: DOTBS I Ben 10 Movie And New Episodes | New Scooby-Doo Movie | More


This October, TNT Original Movies brings an exciting twist to its original, never-before-seen slate of movies with the premiere of Days of the Bagnold Summer on Saturday, 03 October. The comedy, adapted from the graphic novel by Jof Winterhart, Days of The Bagnold Summer is a tender, funny coming-of-age story about single parenting and heavy metal. Sue (Monica Dolan) works in a library. Daniel (Earl Cave) eats crisps and listens to Metallica. This was the summer Daniel was due to spend with his dad and his dad’s new wife in Florida. But when they cancel his trip at the last minute, Sue and Daniel suddenly face the prospect of six long weeks together. An epic war of wills ensues in the unassuming battleground of their suburban home as they each reckon with private tragedies – and pursue their personal passions.
Saturday, 3 October 2020 @ 20:00

Birthdays are a real big deal, and who wants to be restricted to solely one day for celebrating their birthday? Not us! October is TNT Africa’s birthday, which means we’re celebrating all month long! Our gift to you – a month of Friday’s flled with three of TNT’s top action-driven and pulse-raising movies, mixed with family favourites – just as our African fans like it! So, join in the birthday celebrations every Friday and wish TNT Africa a very happy birthday!
Friday, 2 October
16:00 – Air Force One (1997)
18:00 – I, Robot (2004)
20:00 – Warcraft (2016) channel premiere
Friday, 9 October
16:50 – Wall-E (2008)
18:25 – Faster (2010)
20:00 – The A-Team (2010) channel premiere
Friday, 16 October
16:45 – Race to Witch Mountain (2009) channel premiere
18:20 – The Transporter (2002)
20:00 – The Transporter 2 (2005)
Friday, 23 October
16:45 – Surrogates (2009)
18:15 – Escape from Pretoria (2020)
20:00 – The Rock (1996)
Friday, 30 October
15:25 – Cinderella Man (2005)
17:45 – The Karate Kid (2010)
20:00 – Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

This month, TNT wants to make you cry, not that bad, ugly cry, but laugh-out-loud cry, and what better way than a perfect selection of comedies? For this month’s special, TNT has put together some of the most hilarious, unthinkable and surrealistic stories. Every Sunday of October, fans will have a triple opportunity to laugh aloud with all forms of comedy titles such as Police Academy, Spy Hard, George of the Jungle, and The Distinguished Gentleman.
Sunday, 4 October
16:35 – Stuck on You (2003)
18:35 – Spy Hard (1996) channel premiere 20:00 – Drunken Master II (1994)
Sunday, 11 October
15:35 – Police Academy (1984) channel premiere
17:10 – Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985) channel premiere
18:35 – Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986) channel premiere
20:00 – Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987) channel premiere
Sunday, 18 October
16:30 – George of the Jungle (1997)
18:00 – The Distinguished Gentleman (1992) channel premiere
20:00 – The Waterboy (1998)
Sunday, 25 October
16:25 – What About Bob (1991)
20:00 – Grown Ups 2 (2013)


@ 10:10 CAT
@ 14:00 CAT
If time has taught us one thing, it’s that nobody does re-invention quite like Ben Tennyson! And with three Emmy Awards under the show’s belt, you best believe Ben 10 is in it to kick some serious butt! Our iconic 10-year-old, who can morph into 10 diferent aliens with fascinating superpowers, is back with a brand-new movie, BEN 10 VERSUS THE UNIVERSE: THE MOVIE and, all-new season 4 episodes on Cartoon Network this October.
When a blast from Ben’s past – Vilgax – returns to do double the damage on Team Tennyson and planet Earth itself, Ben must go interstellar to save the day. Meanwhile, Gwen and Grandpa Max team-up with Kevin to protect the world in Ben’s absence. But, when our boy hero is confused for the villain in space, Ben must fgure out a way to get back to Earth to help save the planet.
The stakes are high in a new, impressive Ben 10 stunt called Ben 10 Versus, where Ben prepares to battle some of the series biggest villains, setting the stage for when he takes on the universe in the action- packed movie!
Join Ben 10 and his Omnitrix on Cartoon Network this October!

MONDAY 19/10/2020 @ 15:15 CAT
As the ThunderCats attempt to make this mysterious and exotic planet of Third Earth their new home, Lion-O and the ThunderCats − Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat, and Wilykit have to stop the evil Mumm-Ra’s tyrannical reign over the planet! In a two-part special called ‘Mumm-Ra of Plun-Darr Part 1 and 2’, The Thundercats’ worst nightmare comes true when their worst enemies, Mumm-Ra and The Mutants, team up after Mumm-Ra acquires The Sword of Plun-Darr! Chaos reigns over Third Earth now that the Mutants and Mumm-Ra control the Cats’ Lair! The Thundercats’ only hope is to sneak back in and get a super-secret weapon Panthro has hidden at the Lair’s heart. Tune in to Cartoon Network and watch as the Lion-O and the ThunderCats save the day!

SATURDAY 17/10/2020
Our favourite Titans are back in all-new episodes, guaranteed to be full of adventures! There’s nothing too big for these fve to handle with lots for them to do this October, from being out in Gotham solving mysteries to introducing a new Superhero dress code. This month, The Justice League holds yet another talent competition, only this time they’re facing of against the Titans. In order to be the most talented superhero team in the DC universe, Robin and Beast Boy must work together on a jazz performance. They are naturals, so of course they can pull this of … or can they? Watch Cartoon Network this October to find out!


Moka’s Fabolous Adventures Saturday 10/10/2020 Weekends @ 06:55 CAT
Moka can’t be put off that easily…
From the creators of Oggy & Cockroaches and Zig and Sharko, Moka’s Fabolous Adventures is back with more adventure and fun! With only a few months since joining the Boomerang stable, Moka’s Fabolous Adventures has cemented a special place in the hearts of our little viewers and has become a frm favourite! It’s not surprising why – it’s so easy to fall in love with this little naïve and reckless crocodile with his insatiable curiosity and impulsive behaviour!
Everywhere the prince of the Savannah goes, he makes sure he has a whale of a time, much to Cherry, a brave rhinoceros from the Royal Guard’s dismay. Follow the fun and adventures this month when the naive and reckless little crocodile has an out of body experience after a magic lightning bolt strikes, causing Cherry and Moka to swap bodies. And, will Moka be able to climb the highest mountain in the kingdom to touch the stars?
Tune in to Boomerang this October and watch as Moka gets himself into one tricky situation after another!

Brand New Movie
Scooby-Doo and Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Saturday 17/10/2020 @ 09:40 CAT
Even superheroes need some help … on speed dial. After rescuing Scooby and the Mystery Inc. gang from evil eons ago, Batman needs their help to solve an old case after gathering new evidence. The theatrical flm, a crossover between Scooby-Doo and Batman: The Brave and the Bold involves Scooby-Doo and his friends teaming with Batman and other DC Comics superheroes in order to defeat a new villain. Will their teamwork be enough to solve the mystery and foil the plans of the most dangerous rogue villains the world has ever known? Can the gang show up for Batman like he did for them? Find out on Boomerang this October

Zig & Sharko Marathon
Sunday 25/10/2020 @ 07:10 CAT
Three’s a crowd…
There’s nothing like Sunday morning, but if you add a Zig & Sharko marathon, it is bound to be extra special! On the last weekend of October, the damsel in distress, Marina, her over-protective shark best friend, Sharko, and obsessed hyena, Zig, will light up the screen with their endless drama! On the high seas, beach, or an ocean liner, tune in to Boomerang this October to see Zig’s unending plots to eat Marina squashed by Sharko – every single time. Tune in to this Boomerang favourite for some silly and funny Zig & Sharko adventures!

BBC Upfront + Other Rumored Developments For DStv

BBC held a virtual upfront today to discuss details relating to the new agreement they had with MultiChoice and also unveil a bunch of programming for their channels. Here's the scoop (part of it mentioned earlier):
- MultiChoice made the decision to remove BBC First (they didn't mention it but it gave it away) and BBC is trying to get viewers hooked onto BBC Brit which will be the new hub for content that was available on First.
- BBC Brit will broadcast the new anthology miniseries, Small Axe this summer in South Africa. The 5-episode Small Axe drama series revolves around stories focused on the experience of black people in Britain, with the cast that includes John Boyega.
- Production of the latest 6th season of Come Dine with Me South Africa produced by Rapid Blue TV on BBC Lifestyle shut down because of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic but will restart soon for the last few episodes of the season that will then be shown.
- BBC Earth will broadcast Perfect Planet, with Sir David Attenborough as the narrator. Two new series filmed in Africa, will be Work On the Wild Side, and Waterhole: Africa's Animal Oasis. Other upcoming series include: Age of Nature and Ades Climate Pioneers.
- CBeebies which was available only on Premium and Compact+ will now be available on DStv Compact, Family and Access presumably around the time Disney XD stops airing on the platform.
- BBC Lifestyle will be available in high definition.

Rumored developments that have nothing to do with BBC:
- More channels are rumored to get pulled off these include regional channels.
- Nickelodeon will be open for a limited time to celebrate the launch of Danger Force.
Packages: Access, Family and Compact
- fliekNET will be available for 3 days in October.
Packages: Compact+
- M-Net Movies 2 will be open from 6:00-18:00
Packages: All packages
- EVA and National Geographic will be opened for a limited time
Packages: Access
- Telemundo will be added onto DStv Easyview from 19 October (with the deduction of new telenovelas it wouldn't shock me if it dropped from three to just two current telenovelas)
- SABC Education will be added soon you just need to wait on SABC to provide those details.
Packages: All packages
- There's been rumours that MultiChoice changed the availability for the 4 remaining channels before you'd need Compact to watch all 5 new channels now that's been adjusted in some markets. There's also been talks of expanding current channels.

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Scrapped channels on DStv - their status is still unknown

Monday, 21 September 2020

The Candidate Moves To FOX Africa This November

The show was set to air back in August to lifeless sister channel FOX Life but was delayed more likely due to the fact that Disney was planning to remove to the channel for a while now due to the realignment of their channels and not necessarily on covid19.

The Candidate (La Candidata), looks into the personal side of the world of politics through the life of a Mexican presidential candidate. The series is also produced by Televisa.

Silvia Navarro, Rafael Sánchez Navarro and Susana González are the main protagonists in the show with Víctor González (Leo, Pasion Morena) and Nailea Norvind playing the lead antagonists.

This means that FOX will once again start airing telenovelas before they aired shows from Azteca TV (which Eva on DStv was doing) now they're airing a telenovela from Televisa the same company that also supplies a channel which can be found on both DStv and Starsat/StarTimes.

According to sources, there might be more telenovelas added onto the channel for now it's just a rumour. To make it worse there might be more FOX Life added onto the channel.

The Candidate airs Monday 16 November at 15:05 CAT/14:05 WAT/16:05 EAT with an omnibus on Sundays at 07:05 CAT/06:05 WAT/08:05 EAT on FOX

Read Also:
- The real reason for Disney XD termination on DStv (there's another link on that other link if you want to read more and gain a better understanding of the situation)
- Disney was the first company to streamline their entertainment
- FOX Life deserved to be removed and here's why (the channel doesn't need replacing and the link will tell you why)
- Alternative channels that might take up 304 with Disney XD absence from DStv (this doesn't imply that the channel will be similar to Disney XD or carry the same quality or purpose as the channel for now customers will get Zoomoo and CBeebies)

A Call For A Hero Coming Soon To Star Life

Star Life is set to introduce another telenovela in October called Call For A Hero which will also joins the long awaited series My Identity as they both launch in October.

Call For A Hero (Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai) the action thriller follows Rishabh Shekhari, a blind heir to his Rajput family lives with his sister Geetanjali, stepmother Ratna and half sister Kavya. Geetanjali falls in love with military officer Abhimanyu Rathore. Rishabh refuses for this alliance. Geetanjali disobeys him and marries Abhimanyu. Outraged, Rishabh later accepts Abhimanyu who dies in a car crash.

The series made its debut back in 2017 on StarPlus with a total of 33 episodes in partnership with Sphere Origins and starred Surbhi Jyoti (Qubool Hai).

Call For A Hero airs weekends at 7pm CAT/6pm WAT/8pm EAT on Star Life which can be found on OpenView, DStv and Starsat/StarTimes.

Friday, 18 September 2020

My Identity Has A New Premiere Date On Star Life

Star Life was suppose to introduce My Identity and Evil Eye back in May that was until a lockdown was enforced in several countries forcing several channels along with Star Life to delay airing of almost all their shows and all of this was due to covid19.

My Identity (Naamkaran) is the story of an illegitimate 11 year old girl, Avni Ayesha, who tries to give herself a legitimate identity despite cruel obstacles by her own grandmother Dayawanti Mehta. Aditi Rathore and Zain Imam take up the lead role with Reema Lagoo set to follow.

Details on Evil Eye is still unknown at this point if there is a date I'll post it for now viewers have to wait on that one.

The series replaces Geet on 16 October at 22:00 CAT/21:00 WAT/23:00 EAT

You can find this channel on OpenView, DStv and Starsat/StarTimes