Friday, 15 March 2019

A Three Part Star Wars Special Commences With Cricket And The Rest Of The Greens Are Back In All New Episodes Along With The Chickens In Space And Black Panther In May 2019 On Disney XD Africa

New Episodes:
Star Wars Resistance
4 May - The Descent S1/E19: TBC
4 May - No Escape - Part One S1/E20: TBC
4 May - No Escape Part Two S1/E21: TBC
Saturday at 08:00 CAT

Big City Greens
6 May - Uncaged S1/21: TBC
7 May - Big Deal S1/E37: Cricket persuades the family to hit up a Thanksgiving sale for a sweet deal on a new TV.
8 May - Forbidden Feline S1/E38: Tilly hits it off with Anoosh, the neighbourhood cat.
9 May - Harvest Dinner S1/E45: TBC
10 May - Winner, Winner S1/E46: TBC
13 May - Night Bill S1/E43: TBC
14 May - Cheap Snake S1/E44: TBC
15 May - Hiya Henry S1/E47: TBC
16 May - People Watching S1/E48: TBC
Weekdays at 16:00 CAT

Avengers: Black Panther's Quest:
11 May - The Lost Temple S5/E15: Black Panther and his allies finally discover the artifact for which they've been searching.
12 May - Descent of the Shadow S5/E16: Black Panther and The Avengers work together to protect New York City from a new threat.
18 May - The Last Avenger S5/E17: All on his own, Black Panther must safeguard a dangerous weapon from all who might try to stop him.
19 May - Vibranium Curtain - Part One S5/E18: Black Panther devises a plan to get the information he needs. But he isn't theonly one with a plan.
25 May - Vibranium Curtain - Part Two S5/E19: Captured by his enemies, Black Panther must break out of prison with anunlikely ally.
26 May - T'Chanda S5/E20: Black Panther discovers secrets about his grandfather, T’Chanda.
Weekends at 09:00 CAT
From my perspective it looks like Disney XD is wrapping up the show early according to sources Season 5 will be its last season while Marvel's Spider-Man is on a hiatus but also wrapping up after season 2 according to sources. If this channel does rebrand for Marvel HQ I hope this show along with Spider-Man (2017) isn't reflected on there.

Space Chickens In Space
20 May - Finley Cleanly S1/E25: Three chickens mistakenly enrol at an elite space academy in this surreal comedy combining sci-fi absurdity with the more baffling world of everyday school life.
21 May - Beat Beat Chicken Chicken S1/E26: The chickens form a band but Chuck and Finley's selfishness threatens to destroy it, Starley finds the Universal Note and potential fame and fortune.
22 May - Phil My Heart S1/E27: Barnetta and Phil split up. Barnetta joins Glargg which causes trouble so the Chickens decide to get Phil and Barnetta back together.
23 May - Blibli Squared S1/E28: Finley's latest invention causes Blibli to multiply at an alarming rate. Glargg can't decide whether he's angry or pleased at the idea of an army of fluffy Bliblis.
24 May - Cadet Clarkk S1/E29: Glargg loses his temper so must do empathy training. He realises making friends, keeping his temper and staying out of trouble is harder than he thought!
27 May - Stop Bugging Me S1/E30: An outbreak of beserkerbugs causes chaos aboard the academy forcing AIIA to quarantine the dorm pods.
28 May - No Brain No Pain S1/E31: Faced with being the number two student, Finley can't stop learning. His brain expands, and If this keeps going he'll explode. Can he be stopped? S1/E31
29 May - Chicken Feed S1/E32: Pipi creates a viral video sensation starring the chickens. Starley becomes so popular it threatens the stability of Internet itself. Can Finley avert disaster?
30 May - Presidential Coop S1/E35: It's time to elect a new student president. To be declared winner, the candidates must complete a series of increasingly silly and over the top challenges.
31 May - Pale Blue Rocks S1/E36: A group of sentient Space Rocks show up to party and cause trouble, AIIA loses her cool and takes the entire academy on a joy raucous joyride through space.
Weekdays at 15:00 CAT
For further episodes it might be published in Disney XD June highlights. If you look at these episodes I'd say EMEA is probably only left with 10-16 more episodes of this show while the U.S. has yet to air the show.

Get To Know Kim Possible And Ron Stoppable In The Live-Action 'Kim Possible Movie' On Disney Channel Africa With The Season 2 Finale Of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Penny's Life On Mars Continues And A Brand New Docuseries Expressing The Lives Of Everyday Campers

Miraculous: Heroes Day
Premieres Friday 3 May at 15:10 CAT
This is the season 2 finale and season 3 is set to commence later in the year

Kim Possible (Movie)
Premieres Friday 3 May at 16:00 CAT
In this all action re-make teen hero Kim Possible and her friend Ron Stoppable embark on their freshman year at high school, while also saving the world from evil villains.

New Episodes:
Penny On M.A.R.S. Season 2
6 May - A New Friend S2/E17: Seb has just found out the truth about Bakia and the stolen song, and he doesn’t want to see Penny any more. She then falls down the stairs and ends up with two broken ribs.
7 May - Tom's Real Identity S2/E18: The teams for the -good are out and Penny finds out that she has to work with Sasha.
8 May - Mom, Meet Dad S2/E19: The background of the mysterious Tom is revealed. Will this affect whether the others can trust him?
9 May - The Unexpected Kiss S2/E20: Sofia misses Nick but starts to feel distant from him, and she doesn’t know how to handle things with Mike.
10 May - The Proof S2/E21: Penny gives Seb proof about the identity of the thief of the song Nobody's Perfect.
13 May - The Mural S2/E22: At the press conference Mitch and Bakia meet, but Mitch can’t believe that she didn’t really know anything about Freddy’s past actions.
14 May - Birthday Party S2/E23: Everybody’s talking about the graffiti against Penny that someone wrote outside MARS.
15 May - Pete's Song S2/E24: Penny, Cami and Sebastian want to go ahead with the “Pete’s song” project.
16 May - The Trap S2/E25: Lucy reminds Sasha that he still works for her and has to ruin Penny’s performance but Sasha doesn’t seem convinced.
17 May - The Good S2/E26: Cami has found out that Sasha wants to sabotage his performance with Penny, letting her fall.
Weekdays at 15:35 CAT

New Series:
Bug Juice: My Adventures At Camp
27 May - Wazi, Wazi, Waziyatah S1/E1: Camp Waziyatah has opened its doors, and it’s buzzing with new and returning campers ready for a summer of fun!
27 May - The S'More the Better S1/E2: The girls of Pines 4 gain new bunkmates. The boys go on an epic scavenger hunt with a surprise at the end. The campers take swim tests, with mixed results.
28 May - T.J. vs The Blob S1/E3: T.J. takes on the Blob and has a whitewater rafting adventure, bucking like a bronco. Brynn gambles it all at Vegas night. Everyone is feeling patriotic on the Fourth of July.
29 May - Tacos for Breakfast S1/E4: Opposite Day turns Wazi on its head! The kids eat dinner for breakfast and ge filthy in a food fight. P4 gives Guido a makeover that causes him to miss the boys.
30 May - Friendship vs Zombies S1/E5: Friendships are tested at Wazi during a zombie invasion, an underground candy trade, the premiere of the camp play, and an overnight campout.
31 May - Gettin' Sketch-y S1/E6: After the tent incident at the campout, the Pines 4 girls bond during a trust walk and huddle up.Darryl bets TJ to try the Blob again.
Weekdays at 17:15 CAT

Important Notice: eBella Stops Airing On DStv And Openview

eBella (DStv 159/Openview 109) channel was unsuccessful and will be shutting down at the end of March a year after it started. eBella's dubbed telenovelas and other content will be moved to eExtra from April after eBella closes.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Groen Premieres Saturday 16 March At 19:00 For Kuiertyd Op eExtra

Dave Pepler is a well-known South African environmentalist. After growing up in Robertson in the Western Cape, he attended the Saasveld Forestry College for a National Diploma in Forestry, and also received an MPil in Zoology from Cambridge (UK).
Dave Pepler is best known as the face of Groen, one of the icons of KykNET. He has been presenting this environmental programme for almost 10 years and it has become one of the most watched programmes on TV in South Africa. However Groen represents only a small part of Dave's interests, activities and contributions.

Available on Openview 150, DStv 311 and Starsat

Coming Later In March 2019 On eToonz

Barbie: Dreamtopia
Monday 25 March At 16:00
Barbie and her little sister Chelsea travel through the whimsical worlds of Dreamtopia. Through the eyes of Chelsea's imagination, viewers explore delicious and delightful worlds and meet colorful characters who live there.

Fantasy Patrol
Premieres Monday 25 March At 16:25
The animated series presents the incredible and exciting adventures of four young sorceresses: Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy. The three friends come to Fableton to visit a fairytale park, where they meet a local girl, Helena. Overcoming challenges and differences, the girls become great friends. They become a team dedicated to controlling the forces of fantasy and keeping the peace.
Available on Openview 130 and DStv 311 (South Africa only)

In May 2019, TNT Africa Celebrates The 80th Anniversary Of The Dark Knight With Blockbuster Movies Every Friday And It's Not Only Batman's Birthday But Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Is Also Getting In On The Action. You Can Find This And More On TNT Africa.

Since his debut in Detective Comic in 1939, Batman has become one of the most popular superheroes in history, living a mark in popular culture for generations. This month is his 80th birthday and TNT will join in on the celebration by premiering the latest trilogy of this legendary character: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Broadcast throughout the 3rd weekend of May on primetime and concluding with a marathon on Sunday.
Friday 3rd of May
20:00 – Batman Begins (2005) channel premiere
Friday 17th of May
20:00 – The Dark Knight Rises (2012) channel premiere
Friday 10th of May
20:00 – The Dark Knight (2008) channel premiere
Sunday 26th of May
15:05 – Batman Begins (2005)
17:30 – The Dark Knight (2008)
20:00 – The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Since his acclaimed appearance as an actor in the film The Mummy Returns, Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as “The Rock”, left his successful career as a wrestling fighter to become one of the best paid actors in Hollywood. His physique, combined with his great performances, allowed him to score fitting roles in a number of other big Hollywood hits such as Doom and The Scorpion King. Every Monday of May, TNT will honour his work by broadcasting some of these titles on primetime.
Monday 6th of May
20:00 – The Mummy Returns (1992)
Monday 13th of May
20:00 – Doom (2005)
Monday 20th of May
20:00 – The Scorpion King (2002)
Monday 27th of May
16:20 – The Mummy Returns (2001)
18:25 – The Scorpion King (2002)
20:00 – Doom (2005)

On the 1st of May, South Africa celebrates Workers´ Day, a national public holiday that
serves the purpose of paying homage to the country´s working class. TNT believes this day off is a good reason to remind the audience that every goal and every dream must be achieved with common effort, support and team spirit. Hence, the channel will program a list of movies with the same premise: teamwork. Titles such as Apollo 13, Pitch Perfect and Rocky Balboa will be part of this stunt throughout the day.
Wednesday 1st of May
08:30 – The Dirty Dozen (1967)
10:55 – Escape to Victory (1981)
12:50 – Hoosiers (1986)
14:40 – Pitch Perfect (2012)
16:30 – Cliffhanger (1993)
18:20 – Rocky Balboa (1982)
20:00 – Apollo 13 (1995)
22:15 – Slap Shot (1977)

Ransom Returns For A Second Season With The Season Finale Of Carter Underway As The Rest Of Your Lineup Continues On Universal TV Africa In April 2019

Season 2 - Channel Premiere Tuesdays at 8pm from April 23rd
Luke Roberts returns in the role of tough hostage negotiator Eric Beaumont as the second series of the globe-trotting drama arrives on Universal TV in April. The tense season premiere sees Eric given three ransom demands to complete in order to save his daughter Evie, who has been kidnapped by his long-time nemesis Damien Delaine (Carlo Rota). The action continues when the owner of a forensic accounting firm leads Eric and Zara (Nazneen Contractor) into a tense hostage situation.

Season 1 - Continuing Territory Premiere Mondays at 8pm
Legal drama Proven Innocent continues this month, with Rachelle Lefevre starring as Madeline Scott, who was wrongly convicted for murder at the age of 18. Freed after a decade behind bars, Madeline now heads up a legal team that takes on cases involving miscarriages of justice. Russell Hornsby co-stars as Easy Boudreau, the lawyer who helped seal her freedom, while Kelsey Grammer is prosecutor Gore Bellows, who still believes Madeline is guilty and is determined to see her back behind bars.

Season 1 - Continuing Territory Premiere Tuesdays at 8pm. Season finale April 16th
Jerry O'Connell plays actor-turned-detective Harley Carter as the first season of the light-hearted Canadian crime drama comes to a conclusion. First up this month, the team investigate the death of an obnoxious radio DJ, before Harley goes on what he hopes will be a relaxing weekend away - but the discovery of a dead body leads to a new case. In the season finale, Harley and Sam look into the case of his missing mother, only to discover that the wrong man could be behind bars.

Season 20 - Territory Premiere
Double bills on Wednesdays at 8pm
The SVU team investigate more ripped-from-the- headlines cases as season 20 continues. This month, after rescuing a young girl from a sex trafficker, Benson and Stone take drastic measures to reunite her with her mother. The team investigate an online incel group as a string of break-in assaults grow ever more violent. A member of a women's empowerment group is found dead and the trail leads to the group's charismatic male leader, and a waitress from a trendy New York restaurant is assaulted at an exclusive VIP party.

Fridays at 8pm
Michael Weatherly returns as the legal drama continues. An attorney for one of Bull's old clients asks him to consult on a couple's civil suit against a teacher who had a sexual relationship with their son, before the wife of a man whom Danny helped imprison for manslaughter takes the team hostage. Bull helps a professional video gamer accused of throwing an eSports match, then Benny defends a whistle-blowing army analyst – but the case causes trust issues when Benny won’t share government secrets with the team.

Saturdays at 8pm
This April, Universal TV has four romantic comedy premieres all featuring a wedding theme, starting with Royally Ever After (April 6th). When a schoolteacher's boyfriend proposes, she is shocked to discover he is actually a prince. In The Perfect Bride (April 13th), a fitness trainer meets a photographer with doubts about his upcoming nuptials. Sequel The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells (April 20th) sees fitness instructor Molly ready to take the plunge and get married, but unforeseen circumstances get in the way. Wedding of Dreams (April 27th) stars Debbie Gibson as a singer who must choose between her career and her relationship.