Friday, 15 September 2017

Highlights For FOX Channels In Africa At Upfront 2017

Upcoming programming on National Geographic (DStv 181/StarSat 220) include:

Year Million (starting October 2017)
A new docu-drama series exploring what it might be like to be human, one million years into the future. Futurists, scientists and science fiction writers guide viewers through the latest advances in technology, ideas and innovation that will likely power the evolution of mankind. Year Million paints a picture of future humanity through the eyes of a futuristic American family that includes a daughter that's an android.

Long Road Home (starting November 2017)
Based on the 2004 in-country experiences of the army's 1st Calvary Division from Fort Hood, Texas, this tells the story of the soldiers who were ambushed in a Baghdad attack that became known as "Black Sunday". The series cuts between the action on the ground in Iraq and on the homefront back in Texas where families wait for news.

Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist (premieres December 2017)
A miniseries with Sigourney Weaver as narrator about Dian Fossey who did mountain gorilla research in Rwanda for 18 years. The series will explore Dian Fossey's word, her death and her murder investigation.

Jane (premieres 2018)
National Geographic has found never-before-seen material in its archives of Jane Goodall and will reveal a candid and little-known-side to Dr Jane Goodall in new footage.

One Strange Rock (premieres 2018)
This new documentary will take viewers inside the planet Earth.

MARS II (premieres 2018)
The new 6-episode second season of MARS currently being filmed in Budapest, will continue to tell the story further after life has been discovered on the Red Planet. The docuseries merges the science fiction drama story on Mars, with real-life scientists and visionaries describing how mankind could use science to live there.

The Story of Us II (premieres 2018)
God The American President Morgan Freeman will once again narrate the second season of this documentary series in which he meets people from different cultures whose lives are shaped through different experiences. This time the hour long episodes will explore "fundamental forces" - like love, power, war and peace, rebellion and freedom.

Genius II (premieres 2018)
The second season of this fictionalised drama series will revolve around the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, played by Antonio Banderas.

Upcoming programming on Nat Geo WILD (DStv 182/StarSat 221) include:

Snakes in the City (September 2017)
A documentary-style reality TV series revolving around the daily life of the extreme snake bounty hunter Simon Keys living in Durban.

Savage Kingdom II: Uprising (premieres December 2017)
A second season of this "Game of Thrones" like big cat nature series filmed in the Kalahari.

Big Cat month (December 2017)
Several big cat documentaries will be broadcast on Nat Geo WILD during the month of December.

Upcoming programming on FOX (DStv 125/StarSat 131) include:

Empire IV (starts 28 September 2017 21:00, Express from the US)
The 4th season of the drama series Empire with Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard will start in South Africa very soon after episodes run in America for the 2017 fall season. The new season will follow Luscious as he deals with his near-death experience from the season 3 finale.

The Mick II (3 October 2017)
The second season of this comedy series will start on 3 October on FOX about the brash-and-trash Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) who must suddenly look after her niece and nephews.

Star II (premieres January 2018)
The second season of this drama series will only start in January 2018 and it won't be an Express from the US title. It's a problem for South African and African viewers, since the new 4th season of Empire and the second season of Star will have cross-over storylines and episodes. The result is that South African viewers won't be able to properly follow the "disjointed" starting-cross-over-concluding storylines. FOX Africa says it wants to show and complete Empire until its mid-season break, and will then start with Star.

Atlanta II (premieres 2018)
The second season of this drama series will start in 2018 on FOX following two cousins in Atlanta's rap music scene. In January 2018 FOX will also have the second season of the rebooted The X-Files .

FOX also has two more season of its drama anthology series American Crime Story. Versace: American Crime Story will be rolled out first, followed by the season dealing with the impact of Hurricane Katrina. FOX will continue to show seasons and
episodes of American drama and comedy series like Castle, The Simpsons, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Bones.

Legion II (premieres 2018)
The second season of this Marvel universe TV series will start in 2018. It follows David Haller who has super mental powers.

Upcoming programming on FOX Life (DStv 126 /StarSat 133) include:

Vintage Z (premieres October 2017)
This new local South African reality series revolves around edgy designer Oscar and his business manager Mandy who run Vintage Zionist in downtown Johannesburg. As an upcoming South African fashion label inspired by leather, the two have their hands full with various challenges.

Reality slot
FOX Life now has a dedicated reality show timeslot from Mondays to Fridays at 19:10, showing first-run international, non-scripted shows.

Turkish telenovelas
In a very interesting development for South African television, FOX Africa has decided to add Turkish telenovelas, dubbed into English, to FOX Life, starting 2 October. Heartbeat will be FOX Life's first Turkish TV delight, stripped on weekdays from Monday 2 October in the 18:25 timeslot, followed by Lodestar.

What's New In October 2017 On NickToons Africa

Weekdays from Monday 2 October @ 15:10 CAT
In this brand new series, our favourite characters, Ash Ketchum and his buddy Pikachu, discover a whole new Pokémon world during a beach holiday in Alola. There they meet Samson and learn all about a school where students and Pokémons study alongside each other. After making so many new friends, Ash and Pikachu don’t want to leave and decide to enrol for good, turning their vacation into a staycation!

Weekdays from Monday 2 October @ 08:55 CAT
The last few episodes featuring Norbett and Daggett, the misbehaving beaver brothers, culminate in a fnale with a major twist: the duo discovers that the show is going to be cancelled. After four seasons of silly, Norb and Dag must face the music and ask themselves some diffcult questions, like “What happens next?” and “Are we really just pictures?” Tune in as the bad bros face an existential crisis.

Weekdays from Monday 9 October @ 19:20 CAT
These three teenage girls from Beverly Hills are, like, totally spies! They’re undercover special agents who go on dangerous missions, wear cool disguises and handle some impressive espionage gadgets – you’ll want to have their job! Join Alex, Sam and Clover on their latest assignment to save the world, all while preparing for the prom and getting their algebra homework done.

What's New In October 2017 On Nickelodeon Africa

Weekdays from Monday 9 October @ 18:30 CAT
Evil never sleeps for Kid Danger and Captain Man. The crime-fighting duo is always on the lookout for villains who threaten the peace of Swellview. This month, an internet celebrity invites the local heroes to a party, but the last thing they expect is to compromise their secret identities. Turns out, all the internet celeb wants to do is unmask Kid Danger and Captain Man on his live internet show! It’s up to Charlotte, Schwoz, Piper and Jasper to save the day before all is revealed. Tune in for this and many more adventures on Henry Danger this October.

Weekdays from Monday 9 October @ 21:05 CAT
Who knew 14-year-old Talia could cook? Now her family restaurant, Lola’s, is open again and competition with the fancy restaurant next door is heating up. In these all-new episodes, Talia discovers she has a special spice talent and receives an invitation to the upcoming school dance. The trouble is, someone else wanted to ask her first, but missed his chance.

Saturday 21 October @ 12:55 CAT
The heroes-in-a-half-shell follow the ancient discipline of martial arts all the way into a new dimension in these back-to back special episodes. Join them on their quest to learn more about the ancient lineage of samurais from the revered rabbit warrior Usagi Yojimbo, a cartoon character loosely based on the real-life Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.

What's New In October 2017 On Nick Jr Africa

Weekdays From Monday 2 October @ 08:55 CAT
Last month, we met six-year-old Wally, a friendly troll with a passion for words. The animated series continues this month with new episodes in which Wally’s good friend Libby Light Sprite loses her voice. Can they get it back? And it’s Ogre Doug’s birthday! He loves eating cake, but the Cake Monster always steals his delicious treats! How will Wally and his friends keep the cake safe for Ogre Doug’s birthday?

Weekdays From Monday 16 October @ 11:00 CAT
These bunny siblings love each other dearly! Older sister Ruby (she’s seven) watches over her four-year-old brother Max and together they enjoy lots of adventures around their home and neighbourhood. This month, they dress up as frefghters, go camping and try to organise a special anniversary dinner for their parents. Plus there’s a Halloween party to prepare for!

Saturday 7 October @ 21:00 Sunday 8 October @ 09:00
Paw Patrol is hitting the beach! Join the pups in back-to-back episodes when they save the day from their watery headquarters at sea. Watch Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Skye, Rubble and Rocky navigate their awesome new vehicles and make friends with all the colourful creatures that live on the reef. Be sure not to miss the premiere, when the pups are called on to rescue Captain Turbot from his sinking ship.

Saturday 14 October @ 21:00
Sunday 15 October @ 09:00
Enjoy a Sunday morning flled with Blaze and his monster truck buddies as they race from one adventure to the next, starting with “Catch That Cake”. It’s Darington’s birthday and Blaze, AJ, Zeg, Stripes and Starla are preparing to celebrate, but naughty Crusher has a plan to ruin the big day … he’s going to steal Darington’s yummy birthday cake! It’s up to Blaze to stop Crusher from spoiling everything.

Saturday 28 October @ 21:00 CAT
Sunday 29 October @ 09:00 CAT
Double, double toil and trouble; fre burn and cauldron bubble! Programming on Nick Jr. will be getting a tad spooky this October. Our favourite characters from Dora the Explorer, Bubbble Guppies and Dora and Friends are celebrating Halloween with back-to-back episodes that will put the boo! back in Boots! Brush back the cobwebs and beware the black cats, it’s scary time on Nick Jr. so put on your witches hat!

Saturday 30 September @ 19:10 CAT
Sunday 1 October @ 07:10 CAT
Dora and Boots need to get home for Dora’s birthday, but they are stuck in Wizzle World! To escape, they will have to fnd the Wishing Wizzle – and get past the mean witch blocking their way. Will they make it in time for the party?

Saturday 7 October @ 19:10 CAT
Sunday 8 October @ 07:10 CAT
While Dora and her friends are training their adopted puppies in the park, one of the furry friends goes missing. Dora uses a magic camera to speak to the escaped puppy, only to learn the Puppy Princess is in trouble and they must all travel to Doggie Land to save her.

Saturday 14 October @ 19:10 CAT
Sunday 15 October @ 07:10
Imagine a world without colour! It’s up to Dora and Boots to save the Crystal Kingdom from a greedy ruler who has stolen all the gems that give his kingdom its beautiful hues.

Saturday 21 October @ 19:10 CAT
Sunday 22 October @ 07:10 CAT
What do you get when you mix a Bubble Guppy with some magic potion? A frog, according to this special episode! The Bubble Guppies must go on a rescue mission to save their friend after a witch casts a spell on him.

Saturday 28 October @ 19:10 CAT
Sunday 29 October @ 07:10 CAT
While Dora and Boots are picking up litter from the beach, they meet a friendly clam who tells them the tragic tail of Mariana the Mermaid. Dora loves all creatures, especially the mythical half-human, half-fsh. She and Boots decide to swim to the bottom of the ocean in the hopes of fnding Mariana – and her missing crown too!

Friday, 1 September 2017

In October 2017 Boomerang Africa Has So Much In Store For Viewers Such As The New Series Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz Based On The World Of Oz, Brand New Episodes Of Your Favourite Cat And Mouse And Halloween Special Showcasing Back To Back Episodes Of 2 Of Your Favourite Shows

Let’s go back to the magical World of Oz!

There is a new cartoon on the Boomerang block this month - Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz! Impressed with Dorothy, Queen Ozma appoints her as the Princess of Emerald City and Dorothy tackles her royal duties gracefully! Something is off with Oz however, and Dorothy cannot seem to shake the feeling! Her suspicions are right, Wilhelmina, a wicked witch, is trying to steal her precious ruby slippers! Dorothy must tread with caution as the witch has stolen the Magical Mandolin. When played by day, it makes you dance, when played by night, it places you in a trance! Can Dorothy keep her shoes?

Premiere Date: Monday 16/10/2017
Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 17:50 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 12:15 CAT
Sat & Sun: @ 07:45 CAT

I’ll have Jerry with a dose of Tom-foolery please!

Yes that’s right; your favourite cat-mouse duo is back with even more mischievously devious comedy than ever before! Watch as Tom is left in charge of guarding the stinky cheese and keeping snobby cat, Prancy Van Der Snoot, clean and out of trouble. Unfortunately, Jerry has his eye on the cheese and Prancy has her eye on Jerry! The combination of the two can only be described as one massive recipe for disaster! Jerry will do his best to eat that cheese and Prancy will do her best to eat Jerry, even if it means tearing up the manor at all costs to do so! Can Tom juggle Jerry and Prancy?

Premiere Date: 09/10/2017
Tune-In: Monday - Friday @ 16:00 CAT
Repeat: Monday - Friday @ 05:40 & 11:50 CAT
Sat & Sun: @ 07:00, 13:15 & 18:35 CAT

Things are going to get a little spooky and weird this month on Boomerang!

In spirit of all things creepy and weird, Boomerang is bringing our fans a little something extra! We will be airing a selection of the spookiest episodes from Be Cool Scooby Doo, followed by Bunnicula, which will induce goose bumps, get hearts racing and blood fowing from fngers to toes! Watch as Scooby and the gang aim to dispel Fred’s belief that mysteries cannot be solved on Halloween, especially now that there is an evil witch running rampant. Viewers can also look forward to watching Bunnicula and Chester try prevent Harold

Premiere Date: Sunday 29/10/2017
Tune in: Sunday @ 18:35 CAT
Preview: Be Cool Scooby Doo
Preview: Bunnicula

The Nickelodeon And Netflix Series Power Rangers Ninja Steel Makes It Debut Along For The Ride Is Brand New Episodes Of Ben 10 And Townsville's Favourite Superheroes The Powerpuff Girls You Can Find This In October 2017 On Cartoon Network Africa

Brand New Show
Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Red, pink, blue, yellow, gold and white - are these the colours of the rainbow, or the colours of a new generation of your favourite heroes?

The new generation of the teenage ninja warriors are back and they won’t stop until all evil has been eliminated and Earth has been saved! The new Power Rangers series follows the young enthusiasts on their mission to beat Galvanax, the reigning champion of Galaxy Warriors, the top intergalactic game show in the universe. Galvanax is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Ninja Nexus Prism! The only thing standing in his way is the Power Rangers who possess the Ninja Power Stars! Will Galvanax succeed or will the Power Rangers prevail?

Saturday 07/10/2017
Tune in: Weekends @ 11:05 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 14.35 CAT

New Episodes
Ben 10
Ten times the action with all-new episodes of Ben 10, including a special Omnitricked episode!

Did Ben choose the watch, or did the watch choose him? These are the questions ten-year- old Ben has been asking himself since his discovery of the ever mysterious Omnitrix! With his cousin Gwen and grandpa Max, the three together form one heck of a team. Their mission … SAVE PLANET EARTH. Despite how normal Ben appears to be, it is clear that the 10-year-old is anything but! Join this alien-shifting, bad-guy fighting hero on all his day-to-day adventures and experience an average day, the Ben way!

New Episodes Premiere: Monday 23/10/2017
Tune in: Monday to Friday @ 15:55 CAT
Repeat: Monday to Friday @ 07:35 CAT
Omnitricked Special: Saturday 14/10/2017 Tune in: @ 15:45 CAT

Special New Episodes
The Powerpuff Girls
Watch out Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, there’s a new mysterious character in the city of Townsville!

The city of Townsville is protected by three super-cute yet super-ferce little girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, aka The Powerpuff Girls! The arrival of a new stranger to their little town is causing quite a stir. Who is this mystery person? Where does this stranger come from? One thing is for sure ... Professor Utonium has a lot of explaining to do! Get ready for some exciting new episodes of the Powerpuff Girls in a 5 part episode special.

Tune in: Saturday 21/10/2017 @ 07:05 CAT
Repeat: Sunday 22/10/2017 @ 16:55 CAT

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Alvin, Simon And Theodore Are Back In The Third Season Of ALVINNN And The Chipmunks While We Take You Back To The First Season Of Harvey Beaks Before Michelle Entered Into His Life And A Sixth Season Of My Little In September 2017 On NickToons Africa

New Episodes (301-305)
Airs Monday to Friday at 14:20 CAT, starting on Monday 18 September.
Enjoy the new episodes marathons on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are brothers chipmunks and international rock stars! And, when they’re not busy driving Dave crazy (who looks after them and writes songs for them), they’re living great adventures in day-to-day stations at school or at the top of a stage! New episodes land on Nicktoons on Monday 18 September; where your furry friends will enter a karate competition, argue over who’s Dave’s favourite or be challenged by the Chipettes to go 3 hours without their favourite things! Don’t miss these and more adventures Monday to Friday at 14:20 CAT on Nicktoons! And on the weekend Enjoy the new episodes marathons on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively. 

New Episodes (101-113)
Airs Monday to Friday at 15:35 CAT, starting on Monday 4 September. Enjoy the new episodes marathons on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively.
Harvey Beaks is the story of the unlikely friendship between a kid who’s never broken the rules and his two friends who’ve never lived by any. While Harvey follow rules, Fee and Foo follow their heart; and together, they’ll make Harvey take more risks outside his comfort zone, but he certainly will have more FUN! Follow the new adventures of this little bird and his crazy friends Monday to Friday at 15:35 CAT, staring on Monday 4 September; and don’t forget about the new episodes marathons on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively on Nicktoons!

New Episodes (601-603)
Airs Monday to Friday at 13:55 CAT, starting on Monday 4 September. Enjoy the new episodes marathons on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September at 8:05 CAT and 16:00 CAT respectively.
Is that the sound of hooves approaching? Yes, it is! because our beloved Pony gang is back on Nicktoons with new stories, lessons and adventures! Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy all get together once again to visit the Crystal Empire, in order attend the Crystalling, a magical ceremony honoring the birth of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor’s foal. However, this little powerful creature’s cries will shatter the glass that protect the kingdom; and is up to the ponies to restore it and protect the empire from a menacing snowstorm! Do you want to discover how this quest turns out? Then stay tuned Monday to Friday at 13:55 CAT from Monday 4 September on Nicktoons!