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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

eExtra Welcomes Four New Telenovelas This January

The new year has brought a lot of changes towards Rewind that inflated it's lineup with telenovelas which left some viewers are a tad unsatisfied that they got another eExtra onboard but let me let me spoil your day even further.

Apparently, eExtra has four telenovelas lined up for viewers which come from America (Mi Corazon Insiste En Lola Volcan), Turkey (As Die Skoen Pas) and the last minute entries India (Siddhi Vinayak) and KOREA (Ice Adonis).

I dwelled on the first two last year so I'll give a brief description on the other two:

Ice Adonis is a mystery drama which follows stories and triangles revolving around the revenge of a woman who lost everything including her family and her one true love. The series is produced by tvN which is a long awaited channel launching on DStv.

Siddhi Vinayak is a romantic drama which follows a misunderstanding between the titular characters who unite after 14 years and get themselves in a hurdle of drama. The series was produced by &TV.

Catch new episodes of Ice Adonis weekdays at 14:05 with Siddhi Vinayak at 16:45 from Monday 18 January.

Now eExtra has a total of 8 fresh telenovelas making it the channel with the most telenovelas.

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