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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Khalik Sheriff In Aspirational And First Public Speech As New eMedia CEO Says's Free-To-Air Satellite TV Service Openview Is Transitioning 'From The Outbuilding To The Main House'.

In his first public speech as new CEO of eMedia Investments, Khalik Sherrif says's rebranded and fast-growing free-to-air digital satellite TV service, Openview, is moving to the "main house", shedding its image as a TV service just for domestic workers and granny.

In a fiery and aspirational public speech at the exclusive black tie launch event of Openview's new TV commercial, Khalik Sherrif who took over as new eMedia CEO since the beginning of this month, weighed in on Openview's growth, future prospects and ambitions, and the platform's role in South Africa switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT) - a process known as digital migration.

The experienced veteran TV executive who has been with eMedia for over 15 years, started with an anecdote of how that in October celebrated two decades of broadcasting in the country, helped to change and shape the South African television landscape.

"When started, nobody gave us a chance. Twenty years ago they said, 'What do those guys know about TV? Who are they? They are not going to last?' Twenty years later we are still here and we are growing because we dared to be different over all those years."

"When all of you grew up watching the TV news at 20:00 on the SABC, there came these little fellas and they said 'South Africa, stop. Don't watch your news at 20:00 anymore, watch your news at 19:00. And we moved the whole nation."

"When we put our eNews at 19:00 so many years ago, everybody else put the news at 19:00. Do you know why they did that? Because we said 'Watch the news on at 19:00 because by 20:00 it's history' and they came along to join us at 19:00."

About digital terrestrial TV migration - the switch from analogue to digital TV in South Africa, Khalik Sherrif said "8 million South African TV households have already been migrated - 6.5 million on DStv and 1.5 million on Openview."

"South Africa has 14 million TV households which means that another 5.5 million TV households still need to be migrated."

"We had a meeting with the department of communications, saying 'We will help you to get to the other 5.5 million'. The department of communications will give R400 per household that can't afford to buy a set-top-box (STB), and they will go out to the market, and they will buy a box."

"The department of communications has 500 000 more STB to sell and they're not manufacturing any more. They will buy a box and they will buy Openview. Why? Because for the first time in the South African landscape there is world-class television in high definition (HD), for free," said Khalik Sherrif.

"People in South Africa will buy a STB at any of the retailers for about R400 and will then have world-class television - 20 channels on Openview at the moment; all of the SABC - SABC1, SABC2, SABC3, and all of - and isn't just one channel any more."

"There is eMovies, there is eExtra, eReality, there's OpenNews, there's Star Life, there are plenty of them," said Khalik Sherrif , "with Openview growing at 30 000 to 35 000 box activations per month."

Openview: Transitioning from the outbuilding to the main house
"We started Openview on this premise: When the government was pushing digital television to us, the little fellas in Hyde Park realised the following - that we need to own some property in the TV space," said Khalik Sherrif.

"The SABC is the public broadcaster. MultiChoice has their property in Randburg which is the DStv decoder. What do we do? If MultiChoice is fed up of us one day and kicks us out, where do we take our channels? If we maybe don't like the [government-supplied] DTT [STB] performance because it's inferior and standard definition and not high definition, what do we do?"

"So we decided 5 years ago, let's launch our own little thing. We started it with OpenView HD, and now it's Openview.  Let me tell you, when we started it, we made some mistakes. We made some mistakes," said Khalik Sherrif.

"And the mistake we made is that we positioned it for the outbuilding. We didn't think about it really. People were buying it for the outside house. If it was not for the helpers, it was for granny. Today you are witnessing the transition of Openview from the outbuilding to the main house - that's where we belong," said Khalif Sherrif.

"Mark my words: Openview is going to be the biggest thing in South African television. Why do I so confidently say this? Because throughout the world, traditional pay-TV is declining. Free-to-air television viewing is increasing."

"If you visit the United Kingdom, you'll know that the most popular medium of receiving television is Freeview - not Sky, not BT. Freeview. Why is this so?"

"While a lot of people are lucky enough to be able to afford pay-TV, they're not watching it because they're watching Netflix. We're streaming this; we're getting Amazon Prime Video. So you're viewership of traditional pay-TV is declining and you're viewership of Netflix is increasing."

"And as that happens, people are coming to the realisation of 'What am I really paying them for? I'm not watching them anymore?' And when you seize to pay them, when you stop paying for television, you know what will happen? You won't throw away your TV set because your lounge suite has to face somewhere," said Khalik Sherrif.

"The TV set belongs in the lounge and when you stop paying for TV and your TV set is not receiving pay-TV anymore, your TV set will receive something else - it will receive Netflix, it will receive Amazon, it will receive Google. It will receive Apple. It will receive Facebook."

"But you will also need to know the local news, you will also need to catch up with the local TV soapies, you will also need to know the local gossip, so you will have Openview. Don't say to anybody I didn't tell you," Khalik Sherriff concluded.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

M-Net City Creates A Sizzling Experience For DStv Compact Customers

M-Net City, channel 115 on DStv, has great news for DStv Compact series fans: The channel is adjusting its prime-time slots to create a jam-packed schedule and a seamless viewing experience. From 31 October 2018, viewers will be able to enjoy their favourite shows in prime time between 18:20 and 22:50 with fewer breaks. The tweak in the schedule then also allows for an additional late-night slot (at 22:50) during which viewers who missed series with a high age-restriction can catch up on those episodes.

“As M-Net City is the place where DStv Compact viewers see the hottest series from Hollywood exclusively for the first time, we often receive requests or suggestions from viewers to amp up the schedule. The tweak to the starting times of shows allow us to address some of these requests,” says M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard.

"Even though M-Net City often showcases shows that have previously been on M-Net 101, available to DStv Premium customers only, it should not be seen as a ‘repeat’ channel,” Lombard adds. “Over the past few months, an exceeding number of series have made their African debut on M-Net City." 

Among these premiere shows are the new seasons of popular series Supernatural and The 100.  

The new M-Net City line-up and times will look as follows: 
·  Each evening at 18:20, Mondays to Fridays, the hot and charming former Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore swoops in to save the day in S.W.A.T. season one. Starring as Sgt. Daniel Hondo Harrelson, Moore’s character helms a special tactical unit in Los Angeles. The dedicated actor was captivated by the similarities he shared with his alter ego on the show, and has since received a tattoo inspired by his character. Catch this tattoo up close, along with the action, in the season premiere of S.W.A.T (starts Thursday 1 November) . 
·  Mondays to Thursdays at 19:10, the channel will air a variety of international dramas: viewers can watch Emmy award winner Dick Wolf’s Chicago Fire season six on Mondays and Chicago PD season five on Tuesdays. The season finale of Elementary will air on Wednesday, 31 October and a brand new series starting on Wednesday, 7 November is the fast-paced medical instalment of the popular Chicago series, Chicago Med, season three. On Thursdays, catch the intriguing medical drama The Good Doctor season one, starring Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) as Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism who uses extraordinary medical gifts to help patients at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.  
·  Then, at 20:00 the Superheroes come to the rescue, Mondays to Thursdays:
Mondays:  Supergirl season three episode 2 continues on Monday 5 November at 20:00 and she takes to the skies to battle the many villains rising up in an era of disruption.
Tuesday: (from 30 October)- Arrow season six shows how Oliver (star Stephen Amell) is determined to embrace his new role as a father in this season, while still serving and protecting his city as the Mayor and the Green Arrow. 
Wednesdays (starts 31 October) - In The Flash season four, the Fastest Man Alive continues his quest to protect his city after being struck by a dark matter lightning storm.  
Thursdays - In the usual style DC's Legends of Tomorrow season three starts on Thursday 1 November at 20:00. 
The multi-talented Jennifer Lopez stars as Harlee Santos, a charismatic single mother and resourceful detective at the heart of a tight-knit crew of Brooklyn detectives, in Shades of Blue season three. The unit is led by enigmatic Lt. Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta) who often directs the team to step outside the limitations of the law in order to effectively protect their precinct and their own. Season three of Shades of Blue picks up after a near-death experience on Wednesday, 21 November at 20:50.
The brilliant and critically acclaimed historical period drama Jamestown returns for a second season on M-Net City – with as many twists as before. It will be screened from Tuesday, 13 November at 21:45. Viewers will enjoy yet another season of dazzling ventures in love, war and diplomacy.
On Fridays, viewers can enjoy double episodes of Seth McFarlane’s offbeat sci-fi comedy The Orville at 19:10 and 20:00 (starts Friday 2 November).  Set 400 years into the future, Captain Ed Mercer of the U.S.S. Orville and his crew, ex-wife and best friend explore space and try to figure out how to deal with life on a spaceship. With advanced species and galaxies light years away, how difficult could it be?

Looking for only the best international series on DStv Compact? M-Net City channel 115 is the place to be this November. The channel features never-before-seen series and great family entertainment.

Be part of the M-Net City conversation on, or follow the conversation on Twitter @MNetSeries (#MNetCity) or on the official M-Net Facebook page.

Friday, 9 March 2018

No VAT Increase For DStv Customers

We have great news for our DStv customers!

MultiChoice will absorb the one% increase in VAT. We want to assist our customers by not increasing our prices further.

This means there will be no further change to our DStv fees that will come into effect on 1 April.

Customers can log on to their account on or the DStv Now app to see what they will pay from 1 April 2018.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Fashion TV ending 28 February 2016???

Multichoice reported yesterday that Fashion TV (DStv 178) will end on 28 February 2016 and there will be a notice written on the channel even Rhema TV (DStv 343) was issued the exact same thing as well, a new channel will take place for the termination of Fashion TV. Multichoice said their hoping to be in a position to announce next week but Maybe too early to just ask the most important question about this, many customers wonder which channel it will be and what genre? because this channel was discontinued in Australia, New Zealand, of them replaced it with Glitz (entertainment channel) so will Multichoice's DStv add Glitz will just have to wait and see.