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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Two New And One Returning Telenovelas Premiere In January 2020 On eExtra

In a rich and beautiful wine-growing area, the producers of one are busy to achieve the best of wines, despite the adversities and competition. In those vineyards, cruelty and disloyalty have first and last name: Melchor Coronel. The Coronel are the wealthy owners of the Coronel wineries. Years ago, Melchor and his friend Alonso Rivero, boosted the production of wines in the region. But Melchor did not comply and wanted that bonanza for him only. And did deceive and depriving Alonso to leave it almost in ruin. The bodegas y vinedos Alonso survived thanks to its efforts, but the friendship was dead and buried.
I Forgot I Loved You Premieres 31 December At 22:55

Kemal (Burak Özçivit) is a young man who lives in a working-class neighborhood in Istanbul. His father Hüseyin (Orhan Güner) is a barber, and his mother Fehime is a housewife. He has two siblings, an older brother, Tarik (Rüzgar Aksoy), who is jealous of Kemal, and a younger sister called Zeynep (Hazal Filiz Küçükköse).
Nihan (Neslihan Atagül Doğulu) is a rich young woman, has a twin brother Ozan and lives with her parents Vildan and Önder. Emir Kozcuoglu (Kaan Urgancloğlu)is an arrogant businessman who holds a great love for Nihan.
Önder's business is slowly coming to an end. Vildan, unable to give up her rich life, wants Nihan to marry Emir to save the family business, but Nihan refuses as she dislikes Emir's arrogance and protectiveness of her. The first meeting between Nihan and Kemal occurs on the bus, and a month later, Kemal saves Nihan's life and from then on their friendship starts and slowly turns in to love.
Bittersoet (Endless Love/Kara Sevda) Season 2 Premieres 6 January At 17:30 On And 20:00 On eExtra

Yıldız and Zeynep are two sisters, who are very close but have very different characters and life goals. Zeynep is a girl who strictly adheres to her ethical values,aims to have a successful career and strives for it; while Yıldız believes that she deserves more and considers happiness to be a marriage with a rich man, who would save her from her low-income life.
Yıldız's life is about to take a new turn when she meets Ender Argun. Yıldız recognizes Ender Argun from the weekly tabloids,envies her and the life she leads and dreams of becoming the queen of Istanbul just like her. Ender's aim is to divorce her husband Halit,without losing her position within Istanbul's high society circle as well as her financial status. She knows she cannot receive a fortune during their divorce,so she comes up with a plan to set him up with a girl and consequently blame him for infidelity,which would get her a high compensation in court. The girl she's looking for is no one else but Yıldız. On the other hand, Zeynep starts working at Halit's partner's firm. While Yıldız is about to take the most important decision of her life,Zeynep will get caught up in a life altering chain of events that she had never even dreamt of.
#Doodsondes (Forbidden Fruit/Yasak Elma) Starts Monday January 6 at 7PM

Friday, 29 March 2019

Entertainment Upgraded!

From Monday, 1 April, eExtra viewers will enjoy a revamped schedule with their favourite eBella telenovela titles moving to the channel to create a weekday guilty pleasure afternoon block. This will be followed by a serving of some court drama, the Afrikaans and viewer favourite ‘KuierTyd’, and other riveting local and international series.

This merger of the two channels will give our audiences the best of both with a 24-hour entertainment offering. “eBella built a loyal following over the last year and gave us the opportunity to showcase and test new content that celebrates the lives of women around the world,” says MD of channels Marlon Davids. “Following the success of eBella, we are excited to incorporate our viewers’ most-loved telenovelas and series into our main schedule on eExtra. This move gives us the opportunity to provide eExtra viewers with a bigger and bolder content offering throughout the day, with all their favourite shows in one place.”

The daytime lineup will see fan favourites like Fatmagul, The Girl Named Feriha, Caribbean Flower and Naagin, to name a few, featured alongside many of the best telenovelas from Latin America, India and Turkey.

The channel will bring audiences more courtroom reality with a new series, Hot Bench. ‘KuierTyd’ will also be extended to include Die Wiel Draai and another hit local Afrikaans drama series, Vallei Van Sluiers on Sundays.

eExtra will still feature award-winning local dramas, like Umlilo and Traffic, international series’, comedies and more. eExtra is available on Openview (channel 105) and DStv (channel 195).

Why is eBella ending?
We are moving your favourite eBella shows to eExtra to provide you with a bigger and bolder content offering throughout the day. You can now enjoy all your favourite shows in one place. eExtra will now air 24 hours a day with a revamped schedule.

What is happening to all my favourite eBella shows?
Many of your favourite eBella telenovelas and drama series will continue on eExtra. These include Fatmagul, The Girl Named Feriha, Caribbean Flower and Naagin. eExtra will also continue to bring you the best telenovelas from around the world as well m as other quality local and international content.

What about KuierTyd?
eExtra’s popular Afrikaans slot ‘KuierTyd’ is staying put. In addition to brand new episodes of Bittersoet (weekdays at 7pm) and Nuusdag Om 8 (daily at 8pm), you can also enjoy Die Wiel Draai (every Wednesday to Friday at 8.30pm), and Vallei Van Sluiers (Sundays at 7pm). Nuusdag Perspektief now airs every Sunday evening at 8.30pm, delving deeper into the week’s top news stories and current affairs.

What else is new on eExtra?
eExtra boasts some of the best local and international television series. The channel offers back-to-back telenovelas. A brand new Afrikaans-dubbed Turkish drama will launch in the next few months and fans of Gebroke Harte will see their favourite characters return for a second season which starts in July. 
Court Hour has also been improved and now features 3 court shows back to back.

Where can I view the eExtra TV guide?
You view the eExtra TV guide on your Openview or DStv decoder, or by visiting

Where can I watch eExtra?
eExtra is available on DStv channel 195 or Openview channel 105.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

eExtra Switches Back To 24/7 Channel When eBella Stops Airing At The End Of March

eExtra the South African digital satellite
television channel supplied by eMedia Investments on their Openview platform as well as MultiChoice's DStv and On Digital Media (ODM) Starsat switches back to 24 hour channel from April.

The reason for the switch has to do with the shutdown of the unsuccessful female based channel eBella. Several if not most of eBella shows will be transmitted on eExtra in April as a "weekday guilty pleasure afternoon block" on the channel.

eExtra hasn't been schedule wise for sometime now which has built a major impact on the brand. You'll find some new content on this channel get the late night treatment similar to what Turner U.S. and International does with Cartoon Network and Boomerang where 2-3 shows get attention while others which are on an indefinite hiatus for some reason get the death treatment by being put weekday mornings or nights with no repeats most of the time and if there was they'd put it at a time less viewers would be tuned in so Turner's channels are way worse than eExtra. This treatment is unacceptable as it forces some viewers to distance themselves from the channel and the minute something good comes on you miss it and for those who want to see the show can't since the channel is not schedule wise.

eExtra is basically described as a premium entertainment channel in HD including sitcoms, drama series, reality, telenovelas, court shows, lifestyle and movies after the shutdown of eBella you can say weekdays eExtra became a telenovela channel with a dash of court shows, drama series and news as indicated:

06:00  The Girl Named Feriha
06:40  Qubool Hai
07:30  Madhubala: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
07:50  Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi
08:15  Piyaa Albela
09:00  Reina De Corazones
09:45  Caribbean Flower
10:30  Judge Judy
10:55  Divorce Court
11:15  The Girl Named Feriha
12:05  Bittersoet
12:50  Rhythm City
13:15  Scandal
13:40  Ashes To Ashes
14:05  Broken Vows
14:30  Madhubala: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
14:55  Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi
15:20  Piyaa Albela
16:10  Caribbean Flower
17:00  Hot Bench
17:25  Divorce Court
17:50  Paternity Court
18:10  Chicago P.D
19:00  Bittersoet
20:00  Nuusdag Om 8
20:30  Die Wiel Draai
21:30  The Americans
22:15  Imbewu: The Seed
22:40  Tierra De Reyes
23:30  Chicago P.D
00:15  Reina De Corazones
01:00  Caribbean Flower
01:45  La Impostora
02:40  Marido en Alquiler
03:30  Matter Of Respect
04:05  Piyaa Albela
05:00  Parenthood
05:40  Paternity Court

Results from the weekday schedule
71,05% Soapies (50% from eBella, 21,05%=13.16% from eExtra+7,89% from
15,79% Court shows
10,53% International drama series
2,63% News

Then you have your weekend lineup the channel has more variety but no movies. When eExtra first launched the weekends always had variety so its no different even after they switch it back to 24 hours. Two things you should pay attention to the telenovelas dominate the weekend to a lesser degree Saturday is filled with Indian telenovelas and 1 turkish telenovela but you'll hardly notice any difference as usual as there's reality shows, news and sitcoms while Sunday is consists mostly of programs catered for Afrikaans speakers plus news, telenovelas and local series like Traffic! and Umlilo as indicated:

00:15  Reina De Corazones
01:00  Caribbean Flower
01:45  La Impostora
02:40  Marido en Alquiler
03:15  Matter Of Respect
04:05  Naagin
05:00  Paternity Court
05:20  Divorce Court
05:40  Judge Judy
06:00  Piyaa Albela (Marathon)
09:00  Naagin
09:55  Nirmala's Kitchen
10:20  Madhubala: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon (Marathon)
12:25  Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (Marathon)
14:30  American Grit
15:20  The Almost Impossible Game Show
16:00  #Hastags
17:00  Raising Hope
17:30  Instant Mom
18:00  Are We There Yet?
18:30  America's Funniest Home Videos
19:00  Groen
19:30  Vaalharts
20:00  Nuusdag Om 8
20:30  Die Wiel Draai (Marathon)
22:45  The Girl Named Feriha (Marathon)

00:15  The Girl Named Feriha (Marathon continues from Saturday)
02:30  Hot Bench (Marathon)
04:10  Girlfriends Guide To Divorce
05:00  Divorce Court
05:20  LOL
05:40  Nirmala's Kitchen
06:00  Grassroots
06:30  Life By Design
07:00  Caribbean Flower (Marathon)
10:45  #Hashtags
11:30  Sonder Jou Soetkys
11:55  The Wild (Marathon)
14:00  LOL
14:20  Nisboere
14:50  Bittersoet (Marathon)
18:35  The Great Penguin Rescue
19:00  Vallei Van Sluiers
20:00  Nuusdag Om 8
20:30  Nuusdag Perspektief
21:00  Umlilo
21:50  Traffic
22:15  Black Money Love (Premiere)
23:05  Tierra De Reyes (Marathon)

Friday, 22 March 2019

What's Coming Your Way In Late-March To Early April 2019 On eExtra

Monday 1 April At 09:15

Monday 1 April At 14:30

Monday 1 April At 14:55

Monday 1 April At 06:00

Monday 1 April At 17:00
The brains behind the hit is none other than daytime TV’s presiding arbiter, Judge Judy Sheindlin. At a courtroom in Hollywood, two litigants square up over a car sale gone wrong. With cameras rolling, three judges interrogate them as they squabble about a deed.

Friday 5 April At 15:20

Sunday 7 April At 22:15


Thursday, 14 March 2019

Groen Premieres Saturday 16 March At 19:00 For Kuiertyd Op eExtra

Dave Pepler is a well-known South African environmentalist. After growing up in Robertson in the Western Cape, he attended the Saasveld Forestry College for a National Diploma in Forestry, and also received an MPil in Zoology from Cambridge (UK).
Dave Pepler is best known as the face of Groen, one of the icons of KykNET. He has been presenting this environmental programme for almost 10 years and it has become one of the most watched programmes on TV in South Africa. However Groen represents only a small part of Dave's interests, activities and contributions.

Available on Openview 150, DStv 311 and Starsat

Friday, 14 September 2018

KuierTyd Set To Bolster eExtra's Prime-Time Schedule On Openview

From Monday, 1 October, eExtra will premiere KuierTyd, a two-hour block of Afrikaans language programming from 19:00 to 21:00. KuierTyd will give viewers a plethora of premium Afrikaans content, which will include drama, news, and current affairs.

KuierTyd will begin at 19:00 with Gebroke Harte, a Turkish telenovela dubbed into Afrikaans. Well-known South African actors including Carmen Maarman, Marcelle van Heerden, Desiré Gardner, and Abdu Adams lend their voices to this intriguing drama. Gebroke Harte is the first prime-time drama series to be dubbed into Afrikaans in 20 years.

The story follows two women, Gülseren and Dilara, whose lives become intertwined after their babies are accidentally switched at birth. Fifteen years later, Gülseren lives with her ‘adoptive’ daughter Hazal and sister-in-law Keriman in a modest apartment and Dilara lives with her ‘adoptive’ daughter Cansu and biological son Ozan in a luxurious villa in the seashore of Bosphorus. As Gülseren works hard to make ends meet, Dilara's relationship with her husband Cihan, a rich businessman, is on the brink of collapse. The drama comes to a head as the ladies’ lives cross paths again.

20:00 will usher in the news, with the Nuusdag Om 8 news bulletin, followed by current affairs show NuusDag Perspektief. Nuusdag Om 8 will deliver the day’s top stories and regional news from Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Northern Cape and surrounds. This will be followed by Nuusdag Perspektief, which will provide in-depth discussions around the latest topical issues.

Friday, 10 November 2017

The eFamily Of Channels Is Now One Colour - Red, eExtra, eMovies, eMovies Extra and eToonz are all now positioned in the world of the familiar red e, with each channel offering something different and unique for you, our audience. These channels are found on OpenView HD and DStv, with still being free to millions of households in South Africa.

Five Channels. One Colour. Unlimited Entertainment. This strong message is what the e family of channels stands for and we want our viewers to be part of, in creating the biggest entertainment destination in South Africa.

#OurWorldIsRed – Be a part of it.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

New On eExtra In July 2017

We have some great new international content coming your way this July. Watch eExtra on OpenView HD channel 105 and DStv channel 195 in South Africa.

eExtra is the home of premium quality entertainment and this July we’ll be adding even more premium international content to the menu.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

The Carmichael Show
Starts Saturday, 1 July at 7PM.
Follows the life of stand up comedian Jerrod Carmichael as he navigates through life with his therapist in-training girlfriend and his heavily opinionated family.

Starring Jerrod Carmichael, Amber Stevens West, LilRel Howery.

In The Cut
Starts Saturday, 1 July at 7:30PM
A well-renowned barber meets the son he never knew he had, thirty years after his birth. Work, love and life collide as they adjust to life as a new family.

Starring Dorien Wilson, Ken Lawson, Dorion Renaud.

Real Husbands Of Hollywood
Starts Tuesday, 18 July at 6PM
Kevin Hart and other celebrities play a comic fictionalized version of themselves in this parody of similarly named reality shows. Episodes often feature Kevin Hart's attempts to gain celebrity and his jealousy of his friends.

Starring Kevin Hart, Duane Martin, Nick Cannon.

Love And Hip Hop: New York
Starts Tuesday, 18 July at 7:30PM.
These glam goddesses have one thing in common: they have all supported their men on the road to Hip Hop stardom. That mission accomplished it is now their turn to step into the spotlight – to share and lay bare all the drama that comes with fame and fortune.

Preachers Of Atlanta
Starts Sunday, 30 July at 4PM
Through the lens of five pastors with drastically different approaches to their ministry, the show explores many of the most hot-button and polarizing issues in America today.

Starring Pastor Corey Hambrick, Pastor Le’Andria Johnson, Pastor Canton Jones, Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier, and Pastor Judah Swilley.

We can’t decide which show we’re most excited for, can you?

Watch eExtra on OpenView HD channel 105 and DStv channel 195 only available in South Africa.

Follow eExtraTV on Twitter and like the etvExtra page on Facebook.