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Friday, 5 February 2021

Prediction: The Future Of Discovery Family And Real Time In Africa

Discovery Family launched in March 2016 on MultiChoice's DStv replacing Discovery World and 2 years later on StarTimes (Starsat) replacing Discovery Science around that time Real Time launched on DStv and a year later on StarTimes.

The channels are operated by Discovery, Inc the same corporation that own Discovery Channel, TLC, ID, HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network, Animal Planet and (Discovery Science).

Discovery Family is an adaptation of the U.S. counterpart the only difference is the target audience since that counterpart has existing contracts with other partners plus our version has been duplicated in other parts of Europe which is the same market that spawned Real Time.

Our feeds leverage content from other Discovery brands. Brands like these two possess less value but if you have a provider that restricts access to a certain brand or one that can't afford it then it comes in handy.

Not long ago, StarTimes (Starsat) discontinued Discovery Family and the reason raises eyebrows for some readers.

According to them, when a provider (Discovery) changes production of content they (StarTimes) can't prevent it. For now, the channel is still kicking on DStv probably by the end of March which is the same time it launched after that Discovery Channel might be added onto the Compact package.

Real Time is very unlikely to suffer the same fate as it recently launched on Zuku TV as a replacement to a channel StarTimes is still looking into which is Discovery's Fine Living.

Perhaps, the demise has something to do with their new streaming service, Discovery+ as streaming has been the benefactor in the cutback of redundancy (repeats).

Real Time incorporated the most brands including ones seen on Discovery Family. The first issue, viewers might have a hard time catching up as the rollout for both these brands differ. Real Time's stock is very old by decades unlike Discovery Family which is close to a year.

To make matters worse, Real Time is not a family channel so viewers might miss out or wait longer on certain shows if a rebrand/revamp is not in place. Unless you have Discovery Channel then it won't affect you.

The lesson here is don't be an easy target and try making your craft impossible to duplicate. If you want to duplicate do it on seperate grounds e.g. KykNet and Mzansi Magic.

If you had to scroll through the channel set you'll find plenty of past/present channels lurking with these two like (Nickelodeon/Nick Jr with Nicktoons), (Channel O and Mzansi Music), (MGM/ AMC/Sundance TV with TCM), (BBC First and BBC Brit), (National Geographic and National Geographic Gold), and (HGTV and Travel Channel).

Since this decision is entirely on Discovery then the cable provider doesn't take any responsibility unless it doesn't give consumers alternatives regardless of the outcome some turn a blind eye.

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