Friday, 10 June 2016

Disney Channel Africa Is Celebrating Its 100th Disney Channel Original Movie In July 2016 And Alex & Co Is Back For Season 2 And More

Premiere episodes
Weekdays from Monday 18th July at 17:00

Our great new series Backstage continues on Disney Channel this month, with premiere episodes on weekdays from Monday 18th July at 17:00.

This lively docu-drama chronicles the lives of a group of 12 outstandingly talented teenagers as they live through the highs and lows of attending the prestigious Keaton School of the Arts. Follow them throughout the academic year as their experiences range from worry and disappointment to new friendships and crowning achievements.

In the episode entitled Restart (Monday 18th July at 17:00) school is back in session but nothing is what it was before the break. New musical partnerships, changing dynamics in the dance stream and missing faces in the halls have all of Keaton’s students struggling to cope.

Premiere episodes of Backstage air on weekdays from Monday 18th July at 17:00 on Disney Channel.

Programming event
Weekdays Monday 4th to Friday 15th July at 08:10

Celebrate the school holidays with Disney's Holiday Camp which is open on weekdays from Monday 4th to Friday 15th July at 08:10.

Tune in for all your favourite shows including Liv and Maddie, Jessie, Austin & Ally. What’s more the block will start off with premiere episodes of new Disney Channel series Bunk'd! In the first of this month’s epsiodes, Waka, Waka, Waka! (Monday 4th July at 08:10) Ravi and Tiffany get video proof that the Kikiwaka exists. Meanwhile, Emma and Lou try to outsell Hazel at the Kikiwaka Day Festival.

The Disney Holiday Camp is open for summer entertainment on weekdays from Monday 4th to Friday 15th July at 08:10 on Disney Channel.

Premiere episodes
Every Thursday throughout July from 17:25

Thursdays are big days on Disney Channel in July as Thank Disney it’s Thursday continues. The weekly block is packed with premieres from 17:25 to 19:05.

These entertainment extravaganzas contain premiere episodes of Alex & Co, Girl Meets World, Liv and Maddie and the season two launch of Binny and the Ghost.

In the episode of Girl Meets World (Thursday 14th July at 17:50) entitled Girl Meets I Am Farkle, when Farkle scores at genius levels in an IQ and aptitude test it also leads to him being tested for Asperger’s syndrome. As a result the friends learn more about this condition.

Don’t miss old favourites and premiere episodes on Thursdays in July from 17:25 on Disney Channel.

Season two premiere
Thursdays from 7th July at 17:25

In season two of Alex & Co, which premieres on Thursday 7th July at 17:25, summer is over.

Alex's parents announce that he will have to move to America! Alex isn't happy about this at all, and together with Joe and his friends tries his best to stay.

Watch these adventures on Disney Channel as part of Thank Disney It's Thursday from the 7th July at 17:25!

Season two premiere
Thursdays from 7th July at 18:40

Popular series Binny and the Ghost returns to Disney Channel this month, with the launch of season two on Thursdays from 7th July at 18:40.

When 13 year old Binny's family moves to an old house in Berlin, she discovers an unexpected and unwanted room-mate. He’s Melchior, ghost of a 14 year old boy born in 1899!

Season two of Binnny and the Ghost launches in Thank Disney It’s Thursday at 18:40.

Premiere special
Thursday 21st July at 19:05

Love Gravity Falls? Then don't miss the special, Between the Pines (Thursday 21st July at 19:05).

Fans can discover exclusive information and secrets about Gravity Falls in this fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary which features an interview with creator Alex Hirsch, who delves into the personalities of the characters and reveals hidden details in the show. Fans can discover fascinating exclusive information and secrets about the show.

Gravity Falls: Between the Pines will be airing as part of the Thank Disney it's Thursday (21st July at 19:05).

Programming event

In the run up to the premiere of the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie later this year, Disney Channel is airing all the previous 99 DCOMs over weekends, starting in July.

The 100th DCOM is the new version of Adventures in Babysitting, which features Disney stars Sabrina Carpenter (Girl Meets World) and Sofia Carson (Austin & Ally, Disney’s Descendants).

The previous DCOMs are a feast of fun, including fabulous films like High School Musical (Friday 22nd July at 5.25pm) and Teen Beach Movie (Saturday 9th July at 10:40), as well as the more recent Disney’s Descendants (Friday 8th at 5.25pm).

Don't miss your favourite Disney Channel Original Movies airing every weekend throughout July!

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