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Monday, 18 May 2020

SABC Encore Stops Airing On DStv After 5 Years

Yes, you heard correctly SABC Encore stops airing on DStv from June. The channel joins ITV Choice which is also set on DStv later in June.

SABC Encore was conceived through a 5 year agreement back in 2013 between SABC and MultiChoice. In this deal, SABC had to supply a news and entertainment channel. Both channels severed delays in their launch before they eventually launched on DStv.

SABC Encore was originally suppose to launch back in 2014 as SABC Entertainment. The channel along with SABC News were also part of DTT which is long overdue.

SABC originally plotted to launch 18 channels before downsizing their plans to 9 channels back in 2018 and Encore wasn't listed in those plans only SABC 1-3, Education and News were mentioned meaning it's possible that the SABC was planning to scrap the brand at the time another sign of its turmoil was it's Facebook account as it stopped being active early last year.

SABC went from 6 channels to just 5 again, for those who aren't aware SABC launched an educational channel through DTT platforms and online with plans to launch it on pay-tv platforms.

There's no reason yet as to why the channel is being scrapped maybe SABC and MultiChoice are cutting back on costs or MultiChoice no longer sees it viable to have it on the platform.
SABC also had another entertainment channel which outlived Encore called SABC Africa was also on DStv for at least 10 years before getting scrapped due to poor performance maybe that's the reason.

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