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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Amakhosi Studios Forges Partnership With Starsat Rise

Amakhosi Studios is proud to announce that through its partnership deal with South African based Starsat Rise (St Rise) Channel 120 it will now be exporting local content and talent.

The channel will be available in 42 countries including Zimbabwe with all local shows premiering on the 25th of May as part of the African Day Celebrations. For the first time since independence, we are celebrating with 100% Zimbabwean content and talent which will be available on Satellite Television to African audiences.

It has almost been a year since the first Covid 19 Lockdown which has meant that Zimbabweans who love local content have been short changed as they cannot access quality local live entertainment. Zimbabwean content creators and artists themselves are failing to earn money from their creative entertaining works through live shows. Through this partnership Amakhosi Studios and Starsat Rise channel 120 seek to change the economic challenges COVID-19 has brought to the arts entertainment and cultural industry.

Interested content creators and artists may bring their ideas, concepts and finished works to Amakhosi Studios for export.

Email: amakhosistudios@gmail.com

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