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Thursday, 22 April 2021

May 2021 On WildEarth | Recap | Farewell To Summer | More Wildlife

WildEarth is a 24/7 wildlife channel that brings viewers face to face with the thrill of Africa in real time through LIVE safari shows from five of the best wilderness locations across South Africa.

Sunrise Safari
Start: 6.30 am End: 9.30 am (CAT)
Start: 4.30am End: 7.30am (GMT)
Start: 6.30 am End: 9.30 am (CET)
Start: 12.30am End: 3.30am (EST)

Sunset Safari
Start: 3.30pm End: 7.30pm (CAT)
Start: 1.30pm End: 5.30pm (GMT)
Start: 3.30pm End: 7.30pm (CET)
Start: 9.30am End: 1.30pm (EST)

The launch of a LIVE bushwalk

In March WildEarth added a LIVE bushwalk into itssunrise and sunset safari shows. On a LIVE bushwalk viewers become part of the natural landscapemore so than when on the vehicle. Stepping off the vehicle, everything comes alive.With a slew of potential dangers lurking, it’s essential that the guide is aware of the surroundingsand viewers can feel the trepidation as each foot is laid on the ground. Those lacking ineducation regarding the bush cannot but help feel vulnerable. As with any experience that remindsus of the fragility of life, walking in the bush inspires awe and appreciation and is perfect for a LIVE broadcast.

WildEarth says goodbye to summer

Summer ends at the beginning of April and as we move into May the first cold fronts will arrive. The vibrant green of the bush is replaced by shades of brown as the bush becomes dryer. In South Africa the last rains will be seen in earlyApril and then there will be no more rain until October. It is the start of the long and hard dryseason. Animals congregate around sparse waterpoints, this is a tough time for all the floraand fauna.. Winter is the perfect time for safari because although the bush does not look as vibrant,the animals are much easier to see because they join together in large herds or flocksclose to water. The WildEarth safari guides are wearing thick jackets and beanies due to the factthat early mornings and late evenings are very cold.

Wild dog pups

The denning of wild dogs takes place towards the endof the rutting season of impala, usually in May. There are large numbers of male impala that areworn out from the intense competition of the rut and these weakened animals become an easytarget for the dogs.
An unidentified pack of wild dogs has arrived at NgalaPrivate Game Reserve, which is one of the locations WildEarth streams from. This is veryexciting for the guides who live and work there because they think they may den on the property..Den sites are often abandoned aardvark holes in termite mounds and these sites offerprotection for the growing pups. WildEarth looks forward to welcoming some cute wilddog pups on their daily LIVE shows.

The Promise of Baby Leopards

One of the dominant female leopards at Phinda PrivateGame Reserve is called the Nyoni Female. There is a strong belief that she has cubsthat have just been born and she is hiding them somewhere in a den. The reason for this beliefis that she has been seen a lot less than normal and recently she was seen with suckle markson her underbelly. A mother leopard only brings her cubs out of the den when they are 8 weeksold and so we should start seeing these tiny balls of fluff in May.

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