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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Boomerang Africa April 2016 Highlights

Brand New Show
Zig & Sharko
What do hyenas and sharks fight about? Why, mermaids of course! This April, Zig is up VS. Sharko in a brand new show!
Premiere date:Monday 18/04/2016
Tune-In:Monday-Friday at 14:45
Repeat:Monday-Friday at 08:35 CET
Saturday and Sunday at 11:20 CET

Special Block
Cats & Dogs
Where Cats & Dogs are concerned, it's all about the chase, so be sure to catch all the adventures on Boomerang this April.
Tune-In:Wednesday 27/04/2016
Repeat:Sunday 01/05/2016

Programming Block
Boomerang Club
Your coolest friends are all part of the Boomerang Club! Join them every weekend at 07:20 CET
Tune-In:Saturday and Sunday from 07:20 CET
Tom & Jerry Classic
Tom & Jerry Tales
Be Cool, Scooby-Doo
Mr Bean

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