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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Cartoon Network Africa April 2016 Highlights

Brand New Show
The Powerpuff Girls
When evil needs defeating, there are only three, tiny, adorable little girls for the job...The Powerpuff Girls!
Premiere date: Saturday 30/04/2016
Tune-In:Saturday and Sunday at 09:55 CET
Repeat:Saturday and Sunday at 16:10 & 20:25 CET

Brand New Episodes
Regular Show
Best-friends park keepers Mordecai and Rigby are back in a brand new season of slacking off this April.
Premiere date:Monday 04/04/2016
Tune-In:Monday-Friday at 15:00 CET
Repeat:Monday-Friday at 08:20 & 12:15 CET
Saturday and Sunday at 08:20, 11:05 and 15:00 CET

Brand New Season
Are you ready to watch Sensei Wu and your favourite Ninjas master their elemental powers in a bid to protect Ninjago on Cartoon Network this April?
Premiere date:Monday 18/04/2016
Tune-In:Monday-Friday at 15:45 CET
Repeat:Monday-Friday at 07:10 & 10:20 CET
Saturday and Sunday at 06:25 & 13:00 CET

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