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DStv Is Set To Lose CBS Reality And CBS Justice In Revamped Channel Offering By Paramount Global And AMC International

2022 brought a whirlwind of changes for viewers on the DStv platform as MultiChoice scrapped's 5 channels , ITV Networks , fliekNET and Tellytrack . They where those brands that went out unexpectedly and beyond anyone's control like Russia Today and Lifetime . As the world continues adapting viewers should expect more changes I mean not all changes are good (e.g. Me) but the point one would have for these changes is survival which is where CBS Reality and CBS Justice reside in.   By the end of June, the British counterpart of these channels which also manage the channels in Africa will be revising their channel offering by scrapping CBS Justice for Legend while as CBS Reality is shortened to Reality. Due to the launch of Paramount+, AMC and Paramount are eliminating the CBS branding from all their products or at least on their linear channels and shocking turn for these two channels is the programming.   CBS Justice's replacement Legend will not onl

To Welcome The New Year Boomerang Africa Will Offer Brand New Episodes Of Your Favourite Shows Including A New Film

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Pat to the rescue!

With his big snout that sounds like a horn he might not look like much but Pat, the little dog next door is the bravest on the block! When it comes to helping his friends, he won’t hesitate to leap into action and take up any challenge! In these new episodes you will see the beloved game hit chararcter enroll in a dog frefghter training program, outsmart pigeons as well as saving kittens from the guanos.. No time to scratch!

Premiere Date: Monday 01/01/2018
Tune-in: Monday- Friday @ 09:35 CAT
Repeat: Weekends @ 13:35 CAT


Enjoy the frst day of 2018 with a movie and cuddle up with your family! Now in the 8th Grade, Josh discovers he has a great throwing arm and tries out for his school football team. It is then soon discovered that his dog, Buddy, can also make impossible catches and the two become an unstoppable force. However, an evil duo of Russian circus-manager’s attempt to kidnap Buddy and use him as their main attraction, while the Timber- wolves make it to the championship. Can Josh save Buddy before the big game?

Tune-in: Monday 01/01/2018 @ 14:25 CAT
Repeat: Sunday 14/01/2018 @ 18:10 CAT

Watch out for the Cockroaches!

Oggy, the wimpy blue cat would like nothing more than to snooze, but he’s constantly bothered by the three ugly cockroaches who have invaded his comfortable home. The trio seems to enjoy making poor Oggy’s life miserable, especially plundering his refrigerator. However, would Oggy’s life really be that fun if the Cockroaches were not around? Let’s see how Oggy reacts when the Cockroaches are not around this month

Premiere Date: Monday 22/01/2018
Tune-In: Monday- Friday @ 15:35 CAT
Repeat: Monday- Friday @ 07:35 CAT
Weekends @ 05:00, 12:15 CAT