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Thursday, 19 November 2020

January 2021 On Da Vinci Kids Africa | DYK | Siyaya | Dangerous Earth | Special Highlights

Kids Programmes – Premiere

Do You Know? – BRAND NEW (Series)
From January 23rd
Saturdays & Sundays 14:35
Do You Know? presenter Maddie Moate uses special cameras and animation as she explores the everyday world around us, finding out how things work, and how they are made.

Siyaya: Search for the Big 7 – BRAND NEW (4 episodes)
Saturday, January 16th at 14:00
The Garden of Eden: When a group of young explorers set off for an adventure in the vast Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa, they get more than they bargained for. They meet buffalo, snakes and a giant lizard big enough to kill a rabbit.
The Big One: A group of young adventurers continue their search for the Big Seven wild animals in Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa. They discover ancient rock art in caves and experience exciting moments with a large herd of elephants.
Whale of a Time: A group of  young explorers head for the sea on their search for the biggest of the Big Seven wild animals in South Africa – the whale. On the way they meet giant snails, noisy frogs and dolphins. They are about to give up their search when they spot two playful whales.
Hunters of the Deep: A group of young explorers are on a search for the Big Seven wild animals in South Africa.  Today they are on the trail of a Great White Shark. From the research boat they spot a massive five-meter shark, one of the biggest ever seen at Bird Island.

Adults Programmes – Premiere
Dangerous Earth – BRANDNEW (6 episodes)
From January 10th  
Sundays 22:00
Recent developments in camera technology are giving scientists stunning new insights into natural phenomena. Each episode focuses on a different subject: volcanoes, auroras, avalanches, icebergs, hurricanes and lightning, bringing the science to life.

Special Highlight
Inventions and Life-Hacks
Sunday, January 10th
From 10:05 to 14:30
10:05 How To Do Stuff Good – Awesome Animal Hacks
Abhi makes an amazing dog bed, Molly cooks delicious koala lamingtons, and Jenna plays a joke on her parents with fake dog poo. They have a great idea for a pet photo and then discover how to get rid of real bloodsuckers – leeches.
How To Do Stuff Good – Movie Magic Hacks
For movie night, Christian makes a dish of giant Nachos, Miles makes his own projector, Hari and Lila discuss how to behave at the movies, and Abhi makes an epic dinosaur lamp.
10:50 Did I Mention Invention? - Luxury Treehouses
Host Alie Ward presents an inventor building mansions in trees, fingertip lighting, a book that filters water and a penguin chick bot that is giving researchers a new perspective on the penguin world.
How To Do Stuff Good - Yasmin’s Science Gloop
How to find water in the wild, make a prank ice cream cone, and create the coolest cornflour gloop.
11:20 Did I Mention Invention? - Medical McGyver
Host Alie Ward presents a Medical MacGyver who makes health devices from toys, an inventor with dozens of inventions, including the Pocket Fisherman, kids learning computer code in school, and a 3D Printing Pen.
How To Do Stuff Good - Adelaide’s Sponge Waterbombs
How to cook an easy pizza base, make a squishy eco waterbomb, and colourful kinetic sand.
11:50 Did I Mention Invention? - Dog Food Chef
Host Alie Ward presents a man who started a business that cooks fresh food for pets, a wireless phone-charging purse, a medicine-free pain-relieving device and a teenager who invented a novel way to clean water.
How To Do Stuff Good - Adelaide’s Bird Feeder
How to attract birds to your garden, print your own t-shirt designs, and make the tastiest cake pops.
12:20 Did I Mention Invention? - Ski Jump Slip n Slide
Host Alie Ward presents printable pancakes, a way to get power from rivers, the physics behind a waterslide, and windmills the size of a flea that could revolutionise electric power.
How To Do Stuff Good - Jenna’s Disgusting Vomit Slime
How to make relaxing bath bombs, ingenious ice cream in a bag, and some really gross vomit slime.
12:50 Did I Mention Invention? - Girls Who Code
Host Alie Ward presents a former politician who is teaching girls to code, a fold-up kayak, headlights for running shoes,and a woman who invented a new way to keep food fresh.
How To Do Stuff Good – Secrets and Spy Hacks
Everyone wants to be a super-spy, as Gabe creates a periscope, Molly has a cake filled with an awesome surprise, Abhi makes a hidden diary safe, and Miles creates a secret you can eat!
13:30 Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom - Wright Brothers
Dick and Dom reveal the genius of the Wright Brothers, the men behind the first ever powered and controlled flight. With the Wright Brothers as inspiration they come up with their own genius idea, which involves a terrifying flight in a stunt plane.
14:00 Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom – Benz
Dick and Dom reveal the genius of Karl Benz, the man behind the first petrol powered car. Inspired by his genius idea Dick and Dom come up with their own genius idea – to build and race their own cars.

Da Vinci Kids is available on DStv and StarTimes (Starsat in South Africa)

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