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Thursday, 26 November 2020

January 2021 On EVA | Repeats & More Repeats | Bold And The Beautiful

Throughout the year, Eva has been filled with repeats of past programs already seen on the channel to make it even worse the rest of Africa operate Eva+ which is full-blown reruns channel. They also offer a Portuguese version of the channel.

The only current program on the channel is the ongoing drama from CBS' Bold And The Beautiful.

To start of 2021, Eva will be airing a rerun of La Seleccion (Football Dreams) from January 20. The channel is up for renewal between February and March so I'd look at those months if it doesn't go off by then it could go off at some point.

Sony Channel and Sony Max were lurking around that corner for 2 years with the only relevant program being the popular game show The Amazing Race now that's on M-Net since Sony Pictures International no longer distribute these channels anywhere in Africa.

Even FOX Life joined these set of channels from 2016 up until April 2020 where they introduced 4 new telenovelas which took Africa by storm while rehashing old reality shows and that Cathy Kruger show. In the end, the channel never got to see the light of day due to realignment strategies at Disney.

There is a chance that the channel will look for new suppliers perhaps in other regions but due to the climax of the pandemic that seems very unlikely.

When SABC 3 stopped airing Bold And The Beautiful. M-Net was looking into snatching the show for their channel but already had a packed schedule. The fact they considered the show just makes Eva redundant at this point.

M-Net could pick the show up now that The Kelly Clarkson Show moved to VUZU and the controversial talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show is on production break.

Since the pandemic which has been jeopardizing the release of new content especially movies. What if The Ellen DeGeneres Show ends at some point leaving The Kelly Clarkson Show to takeover on VUZU. This could be their chance to acquire the show like they originally intended.

Even though, M-Net can only be seen on the Premium package there's chances that either VUZU or one of the Mzansi channels would have supplied reruns to Bold and perhaps even takeover the show.

Even if DStv were to do away with Eva there is a chance that AMC International will look into continuing the brand through another platform like Starsat and StarTimes for starters regardless the fate of this channel looks vague I could be wrong but you never know as 2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year for TV.

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