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Thursday, 26 November 2020

January 2021 On History Africa | Greatest Mysteries | Apocalypse | Secrets In

24 January - 28 February
Sundays from 19h25
Incredible discoveries are revealed on History’s Greatest Mysteries, a series hosted and narrated by Academy Award® nominee and Emmy Award® winner Laurence Fishburne. These include a 100+ year old box flled with the investgatve fndings of Lord Mersey, the man charged with leading the ofcial inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic and a personal diary from Major Jesse Marcel, the frst person to investgate the wreckage in Roswell, New Mexico - believed to contain coded clues to what really happened that night in 1947. In additon, for the frst tme, the family of John Wilkes Booth is releasing 60 boxes of sealed family documents and allowing a DNA test to be facilitated which may hold the answers to whether he truly died in a fre following the assassinaton of Abraham Lincoln or if he faked his death as many believe. History’s Greatest Mysteries investgates the greatest mysteries of the past, analysing evidence, following leads, and atemptng to make progress that could change history as we know it.

Brand New & Exclusive
24 January to 28 February
Sundays at 19h25
In July 1947, a mysterious object crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The US military originally claimed it was a fying saucer but then changed their story. It became the biggest enigma in UFO history, and now 70 years later the family that started it all wants answers. History’s Greatest Mysteries: Roswell: First Witness follows the Marcel family - Jesse Marcel III, John Marcel, and Denise Marcel. They are the grandchildren of Major Jesse Marcel, the frst person to see the wreckage in 1947. Major Marcel, an air force intelligence ofcer, was dispatched to the Roswell wreckage site and transported the wreckage back to a military base (stopping to show it frst to his 12-year old son, Jesse Jr.). Both Marcels later said the craf was constructed from an unknown substance, like a liquid metal, with hieroglyphic-like markings on it. The family believes Major Marcel was forced by the U.S. government to deny he ever saw a UFO. They possess Major Marcel’s journal, believed to contain coded clues about the truth of what happened at Roswell and where alien wreckage might stll lie buried. This diary will be decoded for the frst tme on TV...

Brand New & Exclusive
24 January
Sunday at 20h15
For 107 years, a dust-covered box has remained hidden in a Britsh manor house, and may contain evidence that will rewrite the most famous maritme disaster in history. This box contains the personal notes of Lord Mersey, the respected Britsh jurist and politcian charged with investgatng the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. HISTORY has secured permission to open it – a frst in history. The box contains informaton about Titanic’s voyage including new context on fatal mistakes allegedly made by the captain and crew, and perhaps signs of a cover-up.

Brand New & Exclusive
31 January
Sunday at 20h15
In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton led an expediton to Antarctca but soon afer arrival, Shackleton’s ship - The Endurance - was destroyed by shifing glaciers, and he was tasked with leading his 27 men across the frozen tundra, on an epic struggle for survival. Shackleton’s batle against the odds and his unfailing commitment to bring all his men out alive turned him into the legend that stll inspires today. Now, HISTORY follows a new ground-breaking expediton heading back into the frozen seas to hunt down the last piece of the story: Shackleton’s lost ship. The Endurance is as illustrious as the Titanic, yet it’s remained lost for over a hundred years. Its fnal restng ground is one of the greatest polar mysteries and a team of explorers and experts set out with the goal of being the frst to break through the ice and uncover the wreck site.

Brand New & Exclusive
07 February
Sunday at 20h15
With over 7,500 hours investgatng the D.B. Cooper mystery including analysing evidence, interviewing witnesses, reading 20,000+ pages of FBI case fles and exploring important locatons, top D.B. Cooper expert, Eric Ulis, believes that he’s found the true locaton where Cooper landed during his daring dive. Ulis has also assembled a team of specialists to explore the untouched Washington backcountry, federally restricted (wildlife refuge) land, to hunt for the missing evidence Cooper lef behind. Armed with new informaton, the team will travel to parts of Washington state that have never been searched atemptng to solve the only unsolved skyjacking in United States history.

Brand New & Exclusive
05 January – 09 February
Tuesdays at 20h15
Earth, air, water and fre are essental elements in life. But what happens when these natural elements turn on humanity? Apocalypse Earth will examine the catastrophic threat natural phenomena can pose to the US and around the world.

Brand New & Exclusive
29 January – 05 March
Fridays at 19h25
From a missing World War II aircraf to a frozen lake flled with human remains, take a look at how and why humans have become frozen in tme in Secrets In The Ice.

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