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Thursday, 31 December 2020

February 2021 On Eva | Repeats & More Repeats

As we progress to the second month of 2021, the channel fails to redeem themselves once again. At the moment the only thing keeping it alive is Bold And The Beautiful from CBS.

In February, you have reruns of Tanto Amor (17th) and Corazon Traicionado (11th) fall off the schedule with other reruns such as La Colombiana (12th) and Mis Tres Marias (18th). Just as you thought this channel expand the telenovela selection. It's slowly digging a hole for itself to drop dead.

The channel is up for renewal during February or March on DStv. It's probably best if AMC International cuts the cord since the channel doesn't show any signs of life outside Bold. If it doesn't close in between it's likely to occur at some point.

TLNovelas is airing content that you'd find on EVA such as Anything But Plain and there's chances we could actually see more telenovelas from EVA on that channel. Similar to what FOX Life had with this exact channel now FOX is airing them on a limited basis like really they could have found another distributor that doesn't already run a channel within the market.

When or if that day arrives viewers won't completely be left in the dark as MultiChoice recently added two more telenovela channels with tvN scheduled for an early 2021 launch on DStv.

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