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Thursday, 21 January 2021

February 2021 On Curiosity Channel Africa | Super Science Mondays | History Lovers Tuesday | Wildlife Wednesdays | Human Story Saturdays | Best Of...


Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 01 February 2021

CAT: 21:00

Genetic Revolution is a documentary that explores the exciting, rapidly evolving world of genetic engineering. It follows a group of scientists from across the globe as they use powerful new gene editing technologies in ways once thought unimaginable and is witness to a tipping point, recording scientific moments destined to change the world. The film also tackles the philosophical and environmental implications of this technology.

Technologies like CRISPR are making it possible to quickly and cheaply change the DNA of all living things, including humans. Genes can be edited almost as easily as words on a computer screen. This new ability to alter our DNA holds the promise of curing disease, saving threatened species, solving world hunger and maybe even obtaining human perfection. But will the promise be fulfilled?


Brand New Series – Premieres 16 February 2021
CAT: 20:00

From Cleopatra to Elizabeth I and Sophie Scholl –they’re all women from vastly contrasting eras and backgrounds, but with one thing in common: they are some of the most influential women in history. Powerful and helpless, popular and scorned, determined and desperate –each one of them stood out from her peers in some way.

This dramatized series portrays these remarkable women in unprecedented detail and examines their lives, both in a contemporary context as well as from a historical perspective.


Brand New Episode - premieres 03 February 2021

CAT: 19:00

When traveling in unfamiliar territory, what better guide than a local? My Wild Backyard highlights some of the most pristine wildlife environments throughout the world. Journey around the globe as some of the best up- and-coming wildlife filmmakers take you on a locals-only tour of their home countries. This CuriosityStream original series goes beyond the iconic animals you may know and uncovers some of the other extraordinary wildlife that also call these countries their home. The series was filmed in continents across the globe: from California to New York City, the fabled mountains of Patagonia, the brush of South Africa, and the deserts of Mexico. Shot entirely by locals, the compact film crews were able to shoot fascinating animal behavior sequences and produce stunning new content.

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 03 February 2021 

CAT: 20:00

The ultimate icons of polar wilderness, able to withstand the harshest environments and remain a top predator; the lives of polar bears are nothing short of remarkable!

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 10 February 2021

CAT: 20:00

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic night of the year. If you’re feeling uninspired as you prepare to woo your intended, how about looking to the animal kingdom for a few ideas? Whether taking them to a dance, offering a bouquet or running them a bath, there’s a lot the natural world can teach us about love. You might think humans are the only animals to fall in love, but romance can come in all shapes and sizes. Most animals go for one night stands, and there are others that have brief, but intense, flings. Then there are some that take love more seriously, putting on the moves, giving gifts and performing for attention. It’s often a remarkable spectacle, but it can also be the tender beginnings of a lifelong bond. Animals might not write many love poems, but there are many other ways to ensure your next Valentine’s gets wild!

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 17 February 2021

CAT: 20:00

Looking down on our world from above, we might see the incredible diversity of landscapes, the opportunities for wildlife, and gain an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 24 February 2021

CAT: 20:00

Mangroves are one of the most important habitats on Earth, vital to many of the planet’s most extraordinary, wonderful, and endangered species. Everything from shorebirds and sharks to monkeys and manatees relies on mangroves for their survival.


Brand New Episodes - premieres 06 February 2021

CAT: 18:00

Climb into the cockpits of historic planes and meet the craftsmen who dedicate their time to bring these aviation icons back to life.

Brand New Series - premieres 06 February 2021

CAT: 19:00

Islands can be home to the most extreme examples of life, as nature evolves in the most dramatic way. Sometimes isolated for hundreds of thousands of years, pockets of individuals adapt to survive, fueling a rapid and continuous development of new species.

Some of the Zanzibar archipelago’s bizarre creatures have developed to an enormous size. The world’s largest crab scales trees in search of coconuts, and clouds of giant bats fill the skies at dusk. Under the cover of darkness, giant leatherback turtles visit Trinidad’s beaches to lay their eggs. Dominica’s volcanic heritage gives it fertile soils, making the island rich in flowering plants. Situated 1,000km west of Ecuador, the Galapagos archipelago has been so little exposed to humans, it allowed Charles Darwin to study and rethink the laws of nature.


Brand New Series - premieres 21 February 2021

CAT: 19:00

Built at strategic points, and fitted with impressive fortifications, fortresses are thought to be impenetrable.

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