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Saturday, 13 February 2021

March 2021 On EVA and EVA+ | Repeats: Into The Unknown

Yep, this will be the third and probably last month for both channels with Bold being the only stable program on EVA. I know the past two months were about EVA but this is where things seemingly get interesting.

Usually these brands like to promote their repeats but this time that's not the case. The shows have end dates but no placeholder has been advertised.

On EVA+, you have Por Amarte Asi (Loving You) reaching its climax on the 12th of this month and the channel fails to reveal what program takes its place. What that implies is that perhaps one of their current repeats will get extra slots added.

Remember FOX Life, where the channel ended up giving their telenovelas (Rode To Destiny and Along Came Love) double bills timeslot with the only remaining telenovela (Shadows From The Past) getting a triple bill before the channel's departure.

Do you think the same is happening with EVA+?

Another show reaching its climax is Mujercitas (Little Women) but that will only occur on April 13th.

On EVA, everything seems to be running as normal as usual none of the content have end dates quite as yet.

So here's a couple of theories that could occur after March and April:

1.1. EVA+ shuts down and viewers get redirected to EVA therefore moving it to DStv Access and in some countries GOtv. Perhaps MultiChoice even AMC International decided to keep one channel kind of like how there was 2 BET channels and MultiChoice decided to go back to one channel.

1.2. Whatever happened in 1.1. except viewers might not get EVA as it's shutting down at a later stage.

2. Both channels shut down together

3. They're adding new content which I highly doubt why take a year to reload your stock and still let consumers into your shop.

4. They're getting a makeover, the current look is not for me but it fits with the representation of Spanish culture.

5. Absolutely nothing

Both channels are available on DStv and GOtv.

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