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Sunday, 7 February 2021

March 2021 On History Africa | New Season | New Series | Stunt

Brand New & Exclusive
26 March
Fridays 20h15
After unearthing intriguing evidence of an eighteenth- century sailing ship in the swamp, real-life treasure hunters Rick and Marty Lagina believe they are closer than ever to solving the more than 200-year-old mystery. In season eight, the team will do more extensive excavaton in the swamp area in search of what might be a sunken ship. They will also do a major excavaton of the money pit area using the largest caisson to date. The Laginas are also in the process of buying portons of the island that they have never had access to before as well as one neighbouring island, in order to expand their search for new evidence. What will we learn of the secret history of Oak Island? Stand by for our most excitng season yet!

Brand New & Exclusive
12 March Fridays 19h25
History of the Future comprises four episodes, each of which explores one key aspect of society’s future by analysing past precedents and modern data and projectng historical trends. The team examined hundreds of hours of archival footage and modern 4k images flmed across the fve contnents. The series features interviews with 19 leading academics.


21 March
Sunday 20h15
Using previously unreleased archival material in additon to contemporary interviews, this academy award- winning documentary tells the story of the Frank family and presents the frst fully-rounded portrait of their brash and free-spirited daughter Anne, perhaps the world’s most famous victm of the Holocaust.
This moving documentary focuses on young Jewish girl Anne Frank, who became world-renowned afer her diary was published. Featuring the voices of Glenn Close and Kenneth Branagh, the award-winning movie also includes interviews with people who knew the Franks, most notably Miep Gies, who risked death to help shelter the family.

28 March
Sundays 20h15
Hitler’s Secret Sex Life exposes the myriad of rumours, theories and disputed historical accounts of Adolf Hitler’s sexual psychology. There is no shortage of experts on Hitler’s sex life who consider the Fuhrer’s predictons to be a barometer of the dictator’s twisted psyche. From incest to stalking women as a youth, from masochism to murder, as he tried to hide his sexual past, Hitler’s Secret Sex Life delves deeper than ever before into the primal mindset of history’s most destructve man.

28 March
Sunday 21h10
Syndrome K tells the story of three courageous Roman Catholic doctors who saved Jews by convincing the Nazis that these Jews were infected with a highly deadly and contagious disease that the doctors called Syndrome K. Afer Mussolini was removed, and Italy signed an Armistce with the Allies, the Nazis became infuriated and occupied Rome. Over 1000 Jews were deported by the Nazis to Auschwitz from the Jewish Gheto in Rome in October 1943 and most never returned. Many Jews sought refuge in the Fatebenefratelli hospital where the three doctors invented a disease to protect them, advising all patents to fake symptoms when the Nazi ofcers were outside the ward, and declaring it far too contagious for the soldiers to enter. Dr Ossicini was interviewed for this flm, as were survivors. The new footage amassed and combined with archives is chilling – and the secrets of their heroism is fnally pronounced. This is an unbelievable, mysterious WWII story that needs to be told.

The channel is available on DStv

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