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Friday, 12 February 2021

Predictions: What To Expect On OpenView+?

eMedia Investments was originally scheduled to launch a dishless version of their current OpenView decoder back in 2019 but got delayed for unknown reasons.

Later in February, their media pages have been promoting some new WiFi software they've installed on the latest model of their decoders and asked fans to guess the reason.

If you look at the term, Wi-fi it consists of a group of networks giving you internet access or better yet local networking.

With that in mind, it means they'll finally be launching their long awaited dishless version of their decoder, OpenView+.

As usual, no details about the platform have been confirmed during this time. Since its based on their decoder I got a couple of theories on what will transpire as it rolls out.

1. It will include ads perhaps viewers will have to pay to exclude them.

2. It will consist of current (possibly revamped) offering found on your decoder alongside some exclusive content which rolls out weekly. Will SABC form part of this offering we'll have to wait and see

Reason being Telkom paid SABC for their set of channels including 1, 2 & 3.

3. It will have a section similar to DStv Catch Up or e on Demand this time you get to view programs from Star Life and Glow TV. There's chances that you won't be able to stream content from SABC in that section should SABC 1-3 be available at launch.

4. Additional radio channels specifically online stations will be added.

5. Record feature

From what sources told me it will be rolling out in March. It will be interesting to see how OpenView plans to streamline their offering particularly on the eMedia set of channels.

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