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Thursday, 11 March 2021

ZooMoo Has Been Extended On DStv + Other Controversies Regarding The Current Pop-Up Channels

Back in August 2020, MultiChoice previewed 4 pop-up channels + 1 full-time channel which were TLNovelas (Mexican telenovelas, September), TDC (Turkish telenovelas, November), tvN (K-dramas, November) and ZooMoo (preschoolers, November) + KIX (Action movie channel, October).

All were suppose to launch within that year but for some reason tvN didn't make the deadline. They only popped up a year later through a Facebook post without any explanation from them or MultiChoice on why they didn't fill the end of their bargain.

Maybe MultiChoice wanted to put more focus towards TDC since they were gonna launch together. They couldn't do December since less people will be glued to their screens, January everyone is up in arms, February was occupied leaving March open.

tvN is the first channel that doesn't offer a ton of dubbed programming for English viewers. Will we ever know why this one is unscathed while others are put out of their misery.

TLNovelas has the longest promotional period amongst all of them. Ever since it's launch there's been technical difficulties (in South Africa) for which DStv is seemingly taking a while to resolve and this will just leave the channel without potential consumers.

ZooMoo which was suppose to end in March 2021 alongside TDC has been extended until June which is the same time tvN promotional run ends. It's obvious MultiChoice doesn't monitor performances entirely through viewership.

Timeless Dizi Channel (TDC) makes a ton of last minute changes which doesn't reflect their schedule. They went from using an outdated schedule to airing marathons without notice. Imagine, recording an episode only to realise this issue exists. This channel is set to close by the end of March.

In the end, ZooMoo is the only channel that hasn't stirred up problems for viewers.

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