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Friday, 30 April 2021

May 2021 On Curiosity Channel Africa | Super Science Mondays | Wildlife Wednesdays | Human Story Saturdays | Best Of Curiosity Sundays


Brand New Episode - premieres 03 May at 20:00 CAT
An adventurous archaeologist journeys to the farthest reaches of the earth on a quest driven by the belief that the secrets of the past have yet to be revealed. Carefully preserved mummies and entombed skeletons are a link to ancient civilizations. Each presents a mystery to unravel, a life to understand, a world to explore and a death to reveal. But these long-hidden remains do not yield their secrets easily.

Brand New Episodes - premieres 03 May at 22:00 CAT
For thousands of years meteorites have slammed into the Earth's surface, carrying an invaluable record of the origins of our solar system. But finding meteorites on Earth, some buried over centuries by thick layers of dirt and sediment, is no easy task.

Meteorite hunters Steve Arnold and Geoff Notkintravel to some of the most remote locations around the world to explore the scientific and financial value of meteorites. Featuring treks in Chile, Sweden, Australia, the US, Mexico, and more, these meteorite men meet with top scientists, geologists, astronomers, and meteorite experts to reveal a deeper understanding of how meteorites have helped to build our solar system and shape our planet.


Brand New Series premieres 05 May at 20:00 CAT
The "National Parks" series is dedicated to one jewel of the natural wonders of North America in each episode. For one year each, the filmmakers accompany the rangers and scientists who have dedicated themselves to the preservation and exploration of this unique nature in the US or Canada.
Since 1916, the American national parks -as well as most of the other sites and areas worthy of protection -have been managed by the National Park Service (NPS). The Service states "conservation, preservation and recreation" as its primary goals. Its task is more topical than ever.
The parks are threatened, especially by climate change: in Alaska, glaciers are melting, in Florida, protected species are being displaced by immigrant animals, and in California, rare rodents freeze to death because they are not sufficiently prepared for winter due to warmer temperatures.

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 19 May at 20:00 CAT
Migration is one of the great phenomena of the natural world. When it’s time to move, some take to the skies or the oceans, but the migrants we know best are found in the awe-inspiring herds running across our planet.

Brand New Documentary Special - premieres 26 May at 20:00 CAT
Countless animals from across the globe currently face extinction; if we are to stem the tide we must understand the lifestyles and habitats of the awe- inspiring creatures currently in danger.


Brand New Episodes premieres 01 May at 22:00 CAT
A risky expedition along thoroughfares that harbor mortal danger for those who use them or live on them. They run through deserts, ice and snow, deep in the jungle, along water and over mountains: the world’s most dangerous roads. Many risk their lives along these roads. Yet for lack of alternative routes, locals continue to use them for transportation. This series tells stories that take place along the routes, of the people who live along them and for whom these are part and parcel of their personal destiny.


Brand New Episodes - premieres 23 May at 20:00 CAT
A ground-breaking eco-engineering series exploring the spectacular green machines that could revolutionize life as we know it... and possibly even save the world from ecological disaster. Energy production, transportation, water supply and more –get exclusive access to these large-scale, cutting edge projects around the globe that combine science, technology and engineering to chart a future where the environment not only survives, but thrives.

Brand New Series - premieres 30 May at 20:00 CAT
This groundbreaking series revisits significant terrorist attacks that changed history.

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