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Friday, 26 March 2021

April 2021 On Zee World | Season Finale: Zara's Nikah | New Season: Begusarai | Weekend Movies And Programming | Continuing Shows

Ring of Fire
Everyday @ 18h00 & 19h00
This month on Ring of Fire, Vikral Singh is marrying his daughter off. Anurag plans to kidnap the groom, with the help of his brother in-law they send the guards off to a deep sleep. The moment of truth has arrived and Ragani has some doubts. Baiju and Shirti gets into an accident. It is Rushi's baby ceremony and Shriti rubs the women up the wrong way. Ragini's fathers fear might have come to pass. Ragini is back home and her and Anurag are surprised at the many changes at the house. Shriti received an anonymous threatening message. Baiju gets punished by the police due to accusation of money theft in the Singh household. Dulari has some shocking news. The Singh family transfers a portion of the property shares to Baiju. Shriti pulls a fast one Baiju and his wicked mother. Ragini has disappeared and no one knows where she is. Baiju tries to force himself on Shriti. Anurag goes the extra mile to find out what Ragini is hiding. The doctor has news about Ragini and Anurag is slow to catch on. Shriti is dressed up and prepared to be auctioned off. Mr Nawab makes the highest bid for the damsel in distress. Baiju proves his trust to Shriti with the property deeds. Ragini tries to speak to Anurag about his mother. Shriti has a tattoo that makes Dulari curious. Baiju arranges a trip to Mumbai to have the tatoo removed with a laser treatment but could this be one of his cheap tricks again? Ragini overhears some disturbing news about his father, and she is quick to think on her feet. Anurag suggests his father-in-law comes and stay with them for his safety. Vishu comes back and of course the news is just overwhelming on everyone. Ragini sees the pain in Baiju's eyes and offers her comfort. Baiju has a self-introspection about his feelings for Shriti and what step he should take next. Report says Shriti is pregnant, and it breaks Baiju, he dumps Shriti and leaves the house. Vishu has set a date with Shriti which leave Ragini suspicious, she tries everything to stop Shriti from going but once again Vishu's plan succeeds. A doctor that could help Vikrant is reported dead, but Ragini thinks there is more to his death than what the reporters know. Vishu kills yet again and take the body inside the house to make it look like Baiju is behind the killing. Vishu kidnapps Ragini and her father.

Zarah’s Nikah (Ends 9th April)
Everyday @ 20h00
This month on Zarah’s Nikah, It is a year later, Zara and Kabeer are living in different cities. What happened to Zara and Kabeer's love story?

Jodha & Akbar (Starts 12th April)
This is the story of princess Jodha, a Muslim Princess, who is forcefully married to a hard-hearted king Akbar a Hindi King who conquered her father’s kingdom. She reluctantly goes to his palace only to find that she is one of many wives. She faces opposition from the word go and discovers that she will have to fight for her husband’s affection. Her intent shifts from hatred towards the king, to trying to soften him and change him from being a vicious ruler to a compassionate one.
Jodha, the fondled daughter of Bharmal, is kind at heart. Jalal under the guidance of Bairam Khan, Jodha goes to temple on her birthday. Moghul army attacks the temple to rob it. Suryabhan sends a marriage proposal for Jodha. Jalal enters the Amer's festival in a disguise,during the celebration Jodha sees Jalal and can't forget his face. Suryabhan refuse to marry Jodha. Jalal comes to meet Ruqaiya, his friend cum special wife, the head queen. Maham Anga tries to create rift between Jalal,Ruqaiya and Bairam. Mainavati tells Jodha about her future prediction and her concern. Maham Anga assures Adham, her son, to get the minister's position. A rift created between Bairam Khan and Jalal. Bairam Khan leaves for pilgrimage as Jalal declares him rebellious. Jodha's mararige preparations are on. Maham Anga successfully makes some moves to get the minister's position. Bairam Khan gets killed, as per Maham Anga and Adham's plan. Shariffudin and Sujamal attack Amer. Suryabhan comes to help Amer's king. Suryabhan gets killed while Jodha's brothers became captive. Jodha accepts to get married for the safety of Amer.  Jodha is stunned to know Jalal as her husband to be. Maham Anga comes with a bridal dress for Jodha and she sets it to fire, Maham Anga leaves in rage.

Twist of Fate
Everyday @ 21h00
This month on Twist of Fate, Disha’s car breaks down, and she ends up taking a lift from Purab. Aliya sees them together and follows them. Disha regrets her words to Aliya. She feels lonely and meets up with Pragya for emotional support. She pours her heart out in front of Pragya and questions her how to get over the pain. Pragya, in turn, asks Disha about what transpired between her and Purab that led to their breakup. Rhea still wants Ranbir to make Prachi fall in love with him, but he blows it every chance he gets. Aliya calls Mehra and has a mouthful to say to her. Goons plan a drug smuggling attempt during the festival, but the police are on guard. For the first time Rhea stands up for Prachi but little does she know that she will meet the same man later.Rhea sees the goons entering the storeroom and locks them in there. Unbeknown to Rhea, the goons escape through the window. Disha comes to Mehra house with the CM. Aliya sees Disha and Purab together and gets upset. She decides to do something to keep Disha away from Purab. Mira escapes captivity and hides in her room. Purab finds Priyanka, a family friend’s granddaughter at the office and learns she has joined the company as an intern. Priyanka turns out to be a friend of Rishi.

Love…. Look What You Made Me Do
Everyday @ 22h00
Love is an intriguing and strange feeling. When cupid strikes, it brings with it the feeling of happiness, pain, envy, greed, lust and sin. We have all loved and lost, we have all been hurt, we have all moved on... There are some however, who do not believe in moving on, there are some who do not give up, there are some who will do anything for love... Our new show, Love…look what you made me do, deals with love and just how crazy things can get when a relationship doesn’t work out.  Watch this intriguing new show and discover true stories of love, happy endings and just how quickly we can switch from loving to hating the same person.

Weekend Programming
Begusarai (Starts 10th April)
This is a drama series set in the district of Begusarai. It is the land of Phulan and his family, a land where bullets speak louder than words. Power, wealth, and respect are earned through bloodshed and gunfights in this town. Phulan has five grown sons that are being groomed to rule Begusarai in unity. Their weakness, the love of women, comes in between them to tear them apart. When they face troubling times, Phulan aims to unite the family to ensure peace prevails across the land.  A beautiful and renowned dancer, Bhindiya, has evil intentions towards Phulan’s family and aims to manipulate her way into the trust of the close-knit family so she can divide and rule.  Her goal is to take over the reins from the family and become the newest ruler of Begusarai herself. But this is not a simple task.
Priyom convinces Lakhan to allow Poonam to attend college. The younger brother, Rajkumar requests for a well-renowned dancer named Bindiya, perform at his birthday bash. Poonam feels college will allow her to have her own identity, but her first day may prove to do just the opposite. Bindiya wakes up to her captives offering her quite the proposition which she plans to take full advantage of. Bindiya has caused quite the stir with the Thakur family and its Priyom who feels he will steal her heart. Things get complicated for Poonam when more of the Thakur family starts to show up at her college.It’s Rajkumars birthday celebration, but what occurs during the evening is nothing to celebrate about. Phulan makes a decision that does not sit well with his family. Lakhan does something that catches Poonam off guard, and she feels the need to speak with Priyom about it, without knowing what Priyom had done. Rekha plans to have Lakhan, and Poonam married one month from now. Sayra Bano tells Bindiya to leave Begusarai, after experiencing the comforts of the Thakur family, will Bindiya really give it all up and leave? The time for Phulan to choose an heir has come, who will it be? Rekha and Lakhan work out a plan to take over Begusarai. Lakhan and Mithilesh have declared war against each other and according to Sayra Bano, only the future leader of Begusarai can stop the war. Bindiya joins forces with Chuna Yadav. Can the two of them take down the Thakurs?

It’s Complicated (Starts 10th April)
Jesse is a young bride who stays with her in laws while her husband Noranda is away on work. It has been 2 years of them being apart and Jesse and her brother-in-law, Verander, have spent a lot of time together. Noranda is pressurising Verander to get married to a young girl he does not know, and even though his not ready, he agrees to the arranged marriage. Jesse is almost found in a very compromising situation with Verander by her mother inlaw. Jesse finds out she’s pregnant and start panicking. Jesse and Verander make a difficult decision that leaves them disappointed. While Jesse is really depressed, Verander is acting like everything is ok. Noranda could be coming back to his family.

Dabangg 3
ASP Chulbul Pandey encounters a foe from his past after he arrests a pimp, Chinti Walia. However, he must face his demons and defeat his enemy before it is too late.
Actors: Salman Khan
Year: 2019

Satyameva Jayate
DCP Shivansh has been tasked to catch Vir, the man behind police killings in the city. Both are eventually against the same enemy but divided by a fine line, the law.
Actors: John Abraham, Manoj Bajpayee
Year: 2018

Good Newwz
Two married couples are unsuccessful in conceiving and seek medical treatment. However, they land in a complicated situation after a blunder on their doctor's part.
Actors: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor

Commando 3
The commando, Karanveer Singh Dogra, is approached to chase and catch an Indian criminal gang, who pose a threat to India itself.
Actors: Vidhyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma
Year: 2019

Bauua, a person of short stature, falls in love with Aafia, a scientist suffering from cerebral palsy, but soon breaks up with her. Later, what he learns of Aafia changes his life forever.
Actors: Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma
Year: 2018

A corrupt police officer works for Durva, an influential smuggler. However, his life takes an unusual turn when he decides to avenge a woman who was assaulted by Durva's brothers.
Actors: Ranveer Singh
Year: 2019

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