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Thursday, 11 March 2021

PremiumFree Satellite TV Launches From May As A Rival To OpenView

New PremiumFree satellite TV service to take on DStv and Openview in South Africa
AfricaXP will expand its free-to-air satellite TV service, PremiumFree, to millions of satellite dishes in South Africa on 1 May 2021.

AfricaXP is a digital content distributor and themed linear channel creator which is focussed on Africa.

Through its PremiumFree service it aims to become the default multichannel satellite TV offering on the continent.

PremiumFree is already offering free-to-air satellite TV services in many African countries through two Eutelsat satellites.

In 2020 AfricaXP signed multi-year agreements with Eutelsat Communications for Ku-band capacity on two Eutelsat satellites, positioned at 16° East and 7° East.

This capacity enabled AfricaXP to extend the reach of its PremiumFree service from only West Africa to Eastern and Southern Africa.

AfricaXP is now further extending the reach of PremiumFree through a partnership with Intelsat IS-20 which covers most of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Many South African households have IS-20 aligned dishes connected to “closed” decoders that lock out other channels.

These viewers could now buy any low-cost free to air decoder and connect it to their LNB cable coming from the dish to receive the PremiumFree channels.

The 18 channels that will be available on PremiumFree TV are:

BongoTV: Tanzanian Swahili movies.

True African: A mixed-genre of African channel that has movies, lifestyle shows, factual reality and music content, and sports and soaps. Formerly available on OpenView and once a product of eMedia Investments.

Africawood Blockbusters: A variety of films from across the African continent.

fresh: A lifestyle and reality show channel.

Limelight: Family, action and kid movies.

Romanza+ Africa: A telenovela channel.

LOL Africa: A comedy channel with short-form humourous content, funny videos and sitcoms.

Sports Connect: Sports magazine shows, profile series, documentaries and sports news channel.

Kiddiwinks: A toddler channel aimed at pre-school viewers.

Pulse: An African youth and music channel.

Afriwood Series: African soaps and drama series.

Riverwood: Kenyan movies and series.

RPM: A motoring and motorsports channel.

LifeTV: A factual channel covering crime and investigation programming, disasters and culture.

DIVA: Entertainment news, fashion, gossip, music, reality, dating shows and makeovers. It could be the one operated by NBCUniversal International.

Gospellife: A mixed-genre Christian values channel.

Fight Night: A mixed martial arts and boxing channel.

synapse: An e-gaming channel.

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