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Thursday, 29 April 2021

New Channel Alert: Roots TV Launches On Starsat

Roots TV is the second channel to launch on the platform this year. As usual Starsat doesn't seem to care to promote their offering to the media.

Roots TV is said to be owned by Moja Media the same company that manages BRICS TV which can also be found on the platform and was created to be the voice for rural and peri-urban communities that are ignored by mainstream television meaning it's another Soweto TV.

No details where given on the actual programming that will be seen on Roots TV as all that Starsat did was highlight a few facts about the channel which were history, arts, music, documentary, culture and religion.

As stated the channel launches 24 April on channel 196 but the problem is RT is nowhere to be seen as Starsat confirmed to subscribers they're currently experiencing technical difficulties which they're trying to resolve.

Starsat is currently looking to possible replacements for Fine Living and Discovery Family both of which are owned by Discovery Inc.

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