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Friday, 12 February 2021

WarnerMedia Plans For Cartoon Network And The Rest Of Its Brands

Tom Ascheim, president for kids, young adults and classic at WarnerMedia was interviewed recently about the state of Cartoon Network and plans for the brand.

Apparently, he wants to expand Cartoon Network's existing portfolio to include family, preschoolers and girls some of these will have names. We Baby Bears is rumoured to be the brand's first original preschool series then there's several other shows which are tagged with HBO Max under family.

This is not the first time Cartoon Network tried to cater for preschoolers remember the Cartoonito block on Boomerang now it has a 24/7 channel with no new original content in few markets so maybe they'll rename it.

This format is something they plan to duplicate in other countries without shutting down any channels since they're performing well and the viewership grew thanks to Disney shuttering several channels internationally.

Perhaps Cartoon Network internationally will reposition their channels like Disney Channel and try to be a brand without preschool shows. The longest I've watched Cartoon Network the content has always made an impression on boys even when even shows like The Powerpuff Girls (original) was still on.

Just like Disney Channel which has most  programming catered for girls even after the demise of Disney XD I'm not expecting anything different from Cartoon Network after this change.

At the same time if there is original content under preschool (even family) you have to wonder how this won't affect a brand like Boomerang and how they plan to get it on Cartoon Network.

The timeslots are also in question from what I remember preschool shows get early timeslots were viewers tune in and if this is connected to streaming there's chances it will survive and if this part is latched onto the international counterpart of Boomerang expect success.

This change is not entirely bad as Cartoon Network became a Teen Titans GO! channel and the shows viewers actually want to see get less airtime or put in very bad timeslots.

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